About us

College of International and Public Relations Prague (CIPR) was established in 1999. It is one of the oldest private colleges in the Czech Republic focusing on the high-end education of International relations, Diplomacy and Public relations and the only university in the Czechia and Slovakia enabled to teach full-time Bachelor’s and follow-up Master’s degree programmes in both countries.

Study programmes

full-time or combined


  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Public Administration
  • International Management and Marketing
  • Air Transport Management


  • International relations and Diplomacy


Where to find us

College of International and Public Relations Prague

U Santošky 17
150 000 Prague


Admission and entrance exams


1. Fill in and submit a non-binding study application form

  • This step just takes a minute. You can also choose between a being interviewed or sending a cover letter. Upon receipt of the application, we will send you an e-mail with information on the further course of the admission procedure and invite you to an interview (if you chose so).
  • Apply online here.

2. Interview / motivation letter

  • During the interview we will not test your knowledge in the field you are going to study. It is rather a friendly conversation during which we want to get to know you and your motivation to study the given field more closely.
  • Bring your ID card, or passport and a certified copy of your High school certificate , or bachelor’s diplomawith you for the interview. However, you can also pass the admission procedure before obtaining your school-leaving certificate / bachelor’s diploma.
  • If you opt for a cover letter, we will send you a sample letter by e-mail, including the points that the letter should include. The maximum range is 300 words. Then just send the letter to prihlaska@vsmvv.cz

3. Result

We will send you the result of the admission procedure within 14 working days of the interview or receiving the cover letter.

4. The beginning of your studies

a) Tuition fees

The last step is to choose a study program, that suits you best and pay it to the appropriate account. More information can be found in the Tuition section.

b) Enrollment

Successful applicants must enroll in the school registerbefore admission. This is an important moment because, from that point on, they become full members of the academic community. Prospective students will receive the dates of enrollment together with the decision on admission to study.

There is no fee for the admission procedure.


College of International and Public Relations Prague

U Santošky 17
150 000 Prague