About us

Unicorn University, a private school, offers study programs in information technologies, data analysis and business. The school started 13 years ago as Unicorn College and has now grown into a university offering master degree programs since 2019/2020. 

Unicorn University is a part of the Unicorn group. We’re able to make use of its extensive experience with developing and operating information systems. Thanks to this collaboration, we’re able to follow the latest trends and develop modern solutions within information and communication technologies. We also have access to systematically collected know-how from various fields of business, technology and process management. We use all this to prepare highly effective study programmes for future IT, data analysis and business.

There’s not a single graduate who leaves our school without a job offer! We work diligently and systematically to make Unicorn University a prestigious European university whose graduates will work successfully in significant industry-specific positions all over the world.


Where to find us

Unicorn University

V Kapslovně 2767/2
130 00 Prague

Admission and entrance exams

Online admission is based on an interview, the purpose of which is to find out the motivation and expectations of the applicant and to identify the level of their knowledge of the English language. The duration of the interview is approximately 20 minutes.

Course of the Interview

The applicant will be asked to introduce himself or herself in English and to outline his or her expectations regarding their studies. This is followed by a free discussion in Czech about the discipline the applicant wishes to study with the aim of finding out the applicant’s basic knowledge of the discipline.

What should you bring to the interview?

  • citizen’s identity card
  • general education certificate or a copy authenticated by a notary
  • a document evidencing payment of the application fee (this can be paid on site on the day of the interview).



Unicorn University

V Kapslovně 2767/2
130 00 Prague