About us

Unicorn University: A private institution of higher learning which first opened its gates in 2007. We have trained many a number of IT specialists, successful business managers, and entrepreneurs, with many of our graduates starting their own businesses.

There are a lot of reasons to study with us. First, you can rest assured that all the knowledge and information will be provided by actual industry experts. Also, we take pride in our individual approach and our hands-on lectures. You can participate in real-world projects from the get go, so you won’t graduate with an empty CV. Actually, most of our students find their first jobs during their studies, thanks to mandatory six-month internships which they can complete at our partner companies, such as Unicorn, KPMG, Allianz, Pojišťovna VZP, or Microsoft. Furthermore, our students may become involved in our international projects, such as software development for CERN or Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to try their hand at international collaboration.

You may choose from our Bachelor’s study programmes Software Development and Business Management, or Master’s study programmes Software Engineering and Big Data or Applied Economics and Data Analysis. Also, you may enter our Double Degree Programme, which involves studying abroad. In this programme, you can get two Bachelor degrees, one Czech and one foreign (Bc. & BA), at the same time. To make your study more efficient, there are interactive online study materials available, which can help you peruse our lessons wherever you are.

All our study programmes are available as either regular classroom study or combined study, and recently we have even added two Bachelor’s programmes which can be completed fully online, including entrance and final examinations. These are perfect for students with day jobs or mothers on maternity leave, as they can be easily adjusted to meet their time schedules.


Where to find us

Unicorn University

V Kapslovně 2767/2
130 00 Prague

Admission and entrance exams

Online admission is based on an interview, the purpose of which is to find out the motivation and expectations of the applicant and to identify the level of their knowledge of the English language. The duration of the interview is approximately 20 minutes.

Course of the Interview

The applicant will be asked to introduce himself or herself in English and to outline his or her expectations regarding their studies. This is followed by a free discussion in Czech about the discipline the applicant wishes to study with the aim of finding out the applicant’s basic knowledge of the discipline.

What should you bring to the interview?

  • citizen’s identity card
  • general education certificate or a copy authenticated by a notary
  • a document evidencing payment of the application fee (this can be paid on site on the day of the interview).



Unicorn University

V Kapslovně 2767/2
130 00 Prague