About us

The Prague School of Creative Communication, for both international and Czech (Slovak) students, is the English faculty of the University of Creative Communication (VŠKK) located in Prague. Students benefit from our longstanding experience in educating talented people in the field of Marketing and Advertising, Visual Arts and Creative Writing.

The Prague School of Creative Communication will prepare you perfectly for a career in the creative industries. You’ll enjoy the same academic standard you’d find at prestigious universities around the world, but our tuition fees are much lower.
Our Bachelor’s study programmes Creative Marketing and Communication, Visuals Arts and Creative Writing provide a comprehensive education with an emphasis on related social aspects. Students attend a number of creative workshops and seminars, including preparation of their own start-ups and working on real contracts. We also offer intensive English/Czech language courses for those who want to feel more confident to study bachelor’s degree entirely in English.

Where to find us

Prague School of Creative Communication

Na Pankráci 420/54
140 00 Prague

Admission and entrance exams


Admissions interviews will be held online and are expected to follow the subject-specific timetable.

Don’t be afraid, admissions interview are really just conversations about your chosen subject with someone who knows a lot about it. We will discuss the creative part and then we move to the details of your chosen programme.

Please, before the interview, provide a motivation letter/personal letter to support your application. The crucial part of the interview will deal with your realized and/or planned works. Before the interview, please send our Admissions Comittee samples of your work – anything that convince us that you are really suitable for studying at the Prague School of Creative Communication and that the school is suitable for you. We’d like to know more about you so we’ll also ask about your favorite books, films, personalities that inspire you, visited exhibitions, events, etc. We recommend that you prepare a list of them. You can also expect questions from the field of cultural-historical-political events of the 20th century.

Creative Marketing and Communication: Present your (unrealized) projects that will prove your organizational skills (promotional events, including photo documentation, examples of advertising). Provide a representative portfolio of your ideas.

Visual Arts: a representative (electronic or printed) portfolio of your artwork (drawing, graphics, photography, video, animation)

Creative Writing: a creative text (2-3 pages) of any genre

Do you need advice or help? Do not hesitate to contact our Department of Studies at studydepartment@praguecom.com.



Additional information

Why study at PSCC?  

1. Studying in Prague is easy

Prague. Picture it. Charles Bridge, Franz Kafka, Czech beer. Prague has just been voted the world’s most beautiful city and it’s among the top ten safest cities in the world. Studying in Prague is easy to organise too whether you’re from Europe, America, Russia, Africa or China. We’ll, of course, guide you through all the needed paperwork.

2. Experience real world clients

We’re ready to teach new leaders. Our teachers have a wide range of experience, either in the academic world (e. g. Oxford University, Columbia University) or as marketers, designers and writers. Throughout your studies, we offer internships in international agencies. You’ll enjoy the same academic standard you’d find at prestigious universities abroad but our tuition fees are much lower.

3. Start your career while studying

Writing and advertising can change the world. Work with us on real business contracts while studying. Our alumni often join international agencies. More than 80% of our students are employed within 6 months of completing their studies.

4. Business as usual during COVID-19

Pandemic? No classes cancelled! We keep a close eye on the latest developments and react creatively – after all, we’re creatives. Some of our online classes feature cameos by the animals who live with our tutors. Judith, the parrot was our students’ favourite. Why? Because why not?



Prague School of Creative Communication

Na Pankráci 420/54
140 00 Prague