Privacy Policy

If you are our customer, subscriber to news or visitor to the site, you trust us with your personal information. We are responsible for protecting them and protecting them. Please familiarize yourself with the protection of personal data, policies and rights you have in connection with the GDPR (Data Protection Regulation).


Who’s the warden?

We are eduroute s.r.o., Id. No.: 06310427, with its registered office at Tupolevova 710, Prague 199 00, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 280011, which operates services that focus primarily on the selection of post-graduation studies, education and career application of young people. Currently these services are:,, I process your personal data as an administrator, i.e. the we determine how personal data will be processed and for what purpose, for how long and I select any other processors to assist us in processing.


Contact details

If you want to contact us during processing, you can contact us/me by e-mail:


We declare

We declare that, as controller of your personal data, I comply with all the legal obligations required by applicable legislation, in particular the Data Protection and GDPR Act, and thus that:

  • we will process your personal data only on the basis of a valid legal reason, in particular legitimate interest, performance of the contract, legal obligation or consent granted;
  • according to Article 13 GDPR, we fulfil an information obligation before the start of the processing of personal data,
  • we will allow you and will support you in exercising and exercising your rights under the Data Protection and GDPR Act.


Scope of personal data and processing purposes

We process personal data that you/me entrust to us for the following reasons (for the fulfilment of the following purposes):

  • provision of services, performance of the contract your personal data to the extent: e-mail, xxxxx we urgently need to perform the contract (e.g. testing of disciplines, sending test results, university recommendations based on the test result, etc.).
  • Accounting If you are a customer, we urgently need your personal data (billing information) to comply with the legal obligation to issue and register tax documents.
  • marketing – sending newsletters Your personal data (email and name), gender, what you click in the email and when you open them most often, we use it for direct marketing – sending recommended universities and fields of study (business communication). If you are our customer, we do so out of legitimate interest, as we reasonably assume that you are interested in our news for 5 years from the last test carried out or the transfer of contact on our services. If you are not our customer, we send you newsletters only on the basis of your consent, for 5 years after the award. In both cases, you can withdraw this consent by using the sign-in link in each email sent.
  • Advanced consent-based marketing We may also send you inspiring third-party offers or use an email address e.g. on your consent. for remarketing and targeting advertising on Facebook for 5 years after consent is granted. Of course, this can be revoked at any time via our contact details.
  • photographic documentation – live events e.g. Etc… complete your processing purposes.

We retain your personal data for the duration of the limitation period, unless the law provides for a longer period of time to maintain it or have not stated otherwise in specific cases.



As we browse our/my website, we record your IP address, how long you’re staying on the page and from which page you’re coming from. We see the use of cookies to measure website traffic and customize website views as our legitimate interest as an administrator, as we believe that this allows us to offer you even better services.

Cookies for ad targeting will only be processed on the basis of your consent.

Our web services can also be browsed in a mode that does not allow you to collect personal data. You can disable the use of cookies on your computer.


Security and privacy

We protect personal data to the maximum extent possible using modern technologies that correspond to the degree of technical development. We protect them as if they were our own. We have taken and maintained all possible (currently known) technical and organizational measures to block the misuse, damage or destruction of your personal data.

We have set up user access control, rights and role management system, ensuring data protection from unauthorized access. All persons who come into contact with clients’ personal data in the course of the performance of their duties or contractually assumed duties are bound by a statutory or contractual obligation of confidentiality.


Transfer of personal data to third parties

Our employees and co-workers have access to your personal information.

To provide specific processing operations that we cannot provide on our own, we use the services and applications of processors who can protect data even better than we do and specialize in the processing.

They are providers of the following platforms:




SmartSelling a.s.

econac s.r.o.

cloudinfrastack, s.r.o.

Solitea Czech Republic, a.s.

Anabix CRM s.r.o.


It is possible that in the future we will choose to use other applications or processors, to facilitate and improve processing. However, we promise you that in this case, when choosing, I will place at least the same security and quality of processing on the processor as i am.


Transmission of data outside the European Union

All processing of personal data will be carried out on the TERRITORY of the EU.


Your rights in relation to the protection of personal data

You have a number of rights in relation to the protection of personal data. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us via email:

You have the right to information that is already filled with this information page with the principles of personal data processing.

Thanks to the right of access, you can challenge us at any time and I will prove to you within 30 days what we process your personal data and why.

If something changes with you or you find your personal information out of date or incomplete, you have the right to supplement and change personal information.

You can use the right to restrict processing if you believe that we process your inaccurate data, you believe that we are carrying out the processing illegally, but do not want to delete all data or if you objected to the processing.

You can limit the scope of personal data or purposes of processing. (E.g. by opting out of the newsletter, you limit the purpose of processing for sending commercial communications.)


Right to portability

If you would like to take your personal information and transfer your personal information to someone else, we will proceed as well as using the right of access – except that we will supply you with the information in machine-readable form. We need at least 30 days here.

Right to erasure (be forgotten)

Your next right is the right to erasure (to be forgotten). We don’t want to forget you, but if you wish, you have the right to do so. In this case, we will remove all your personal data from the system as well as from the system of all subprocessors and advances. We need 30 days to secure the right to erasure.

In some cases, we are bound by a legal obligation, and e.g. the law. I have to register the issued tax documents for the time limit laid down by law. In this case, we will therefore be able to collect all such personal data that is not bound by another law. We will inform you by e-mail about the completion of the deletion.

Complaint from the Office for Personal Data Protection

If you feel that we do not treat your data in accordance with the law, you have the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection at any time with your complaint. We will be happy if you first inform us about this suspicion so that we can do something about it and correct any misconduct.

Opt out of newsletters and business communications

Emails with inspiration, articles or products and services i send you/e if you are our customer based on our/my legitimate interest.

If you are not yet a customer, we only send them to you based on your consent. In either case, you can stop receiving our emails by pressing the logout link in each email sent.



We would like to assure you that our employees and co-workers who will process your personal data are obliged to maintain confidentiality about personal data and security measures, the disclosure of which would jeopardise the security of your personal Data. This confidentiality persists even after the end of commitment relations with us. Without your consent, your personal information will not be released to any other third party.

This privacy policy is valid from 25.5.2018 and replaces the previous Privacy Policy.

We keep your personal information private and secure and allow you to have full control over it.