About us

We are Unicorn University, a private university offering bachelor's and master's education in the field of IT, data analysis, and business. We provide modern teaching methods, including online study materials, as well as practical-oriented learning through seminars, semester-long projects, hackathons, and intensive workshops. Additionally, you can participate in the Double Degree program, which involves studying abroad. Through this program, it is possible to obtain two bachelor's degrees within one course of study, both Czech and foreign (Bc. & BA).

Students at our university appreciate the individual approach we offer. Furthermore, our graduates have a 100% employment rate and build their careers not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Many of them find employment while still studying, thanks to mandatory internships that can be arranged with our partner companies such as Unicorn, Microsoft, Allianz, KPMG, or Raiffeisenbank. Our instructors are experienced professionals from the industry who work in software development or hold managerial positions. They can share knowledge from real projects in which students are also involved. An example of such a project is the database being created for CERN. It is a production database for the internal detector of the ATLAS experiment, which is expected to be operational around 2024. Another example is software development for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Through these projects, you can gain experience working at an international level and valuable contacts.


Where to find us

Unicorn University

KCD4 - Kolbenova 942/38a
190 00 Prague

Admission and entrance exams

The entrance exam process is conducted online via applications such as Skype or WhatsApp, and the dates are scheduled individually by agreement. Its primary goal is to assess the applicant's motivation and expectations for their studies and to identify their approximate level of English proficiency. The entrance interview lasts approximately 20 minutes.

  • Online application: 500 CZK


Additional information

Tuition Fees

The language of instruction can be either Czech or English, and the tuition fee varies accordingly. Students can choose to study in full-time, part-time, or distance learning formats.

Form of study                    Tuition fee AR 2024-2025
BA full time 75.000 CZK
BA part time 70.000 CZK
BA online 65.000 CZK
BA full time ENG 95.000 CZK
BA online ENG 90.000 CZK
MA 75.000 CZK


Online Open Days

We organize online open days every month. During these events, we introduce our school, study programs, learning materials, and more. After the school presentation, there is a Q&A session. You can find the schedule of these events here.


Where does the teaching take place?

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Unicorn University

KCD4 - Kolbenova 942/38a
190 00 Prague