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The Faculty of Chemical Technology is historically the oldest faculty of the University of Pardubice and has been extending almost seventy-year long tradition of higher education in a variety of chemistry related areas. The Faculty is held in high esteem in both the Czech Republic and abroad. It has become an important centre of research and education in the fields of chemistry, materials science, chemical technologies, nanotechnology, both biological and biochemical sciences, and managerial and controlling processes. Postgraduate students participate in various research projects and gain professional experience at other universities and conferences both nationwide and internationally.

The scientific activities of the Faculty aim at both fundamental and applied research. Numerous successful technical projects were completed in cooperation with the industrial sector and a wide range of scientific papers were published and met with an excellent scientific response. The growing reputation of the Faculty is indicated by different scientific schools, international projects, prominent personalities, and international conferences and congresses held on its premises every year. Its graduates are welcomed as highly qualified specialists either in chemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical, graphic arts and other industrial and trade branches in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Where to find us

Faculty of Chemical Technology

University of Pardubice
Studentská 573
532 10 Pardubice

Admission and entrance exams

Doctoral study programmes

Doctoral study programmes are conducted in English language (only for full-time form of study), which enables foreign students to study. The candidates can obtain a doctoral degree Ph.D.

Study fee for programmes in foreign language is CZK 10 000,- per started academic year. Before submitting the application, ask the guarantor of study programme to select a supervisor.

Admission procedure  

  • Application deadline: April 30th, 2020
  • All required documents must be submitted in English
  • All translations must be officially certified


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Preparing to come  

Moving to a new country is exciting and there is a lot to think about. Here is some helpful information to help you on your way to the Czech Republic.


Faculty of Chemical Technology

University of Pardubice
Studentská 573
532 10 Pardubice

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