3 Autumn Tips in the Czech Nature

30. 9. 2019 | News

Autumn scenery in CzechiaAutumn in the Czech Republic boasts nature in magnificent colors and offers unique natural scenery that seems to be ideal for walks with friends and weekend getaways from the city. With autumn just around the corner, we bring you five tips on where to go on a trip.

Krkonoše Mountains

Roughly an hour and a half away from Prague by car lies the mountain range, which is home to the highest Czech mountain, Sněžka (1,603 m). In good weather, the mountain offers wonderful views of a wide surrounding area. You can either hike to the summit from Špindlerův mlýn or take the cable car from Pec pod Sněžkou.

When visiting Sněžka, make sure not to miss Obří důl, a monumental mountain valley and one of the most beautiful in the entire Krkonoše Mountains. Other popular tourist sites in the region are the source of the Elbe River, the country’s highest waterfall Pančavský Waterfall, another beautiful waterfall Mumlavský Waterfall and the Treetop Walkway, where you can enjoy a 45-metre viewing tower.

Bohemian Switzerland


One of the four national parks in the Czech Republic, Bohemian Switzerland is located around 90 minutes away from Prague and boasts one of the largest natural rock arches in Europe. At 26,5 meters wide and 16 meters high, Pravčická brána will take your breath away. When the leaves change their colors during autumn, the scenery is even more beautiful.

If you decide to take an autumn stroll through Bohemian Switzerland, do not miss three look-out points: Mariina výhlídka, Vilemínina stěna and Rudolfův kámen, or the nearby Sokolí hnízdo chateau, from where you can enjoy remarkable views of the landscape and the stunning rock town.

Bezděz Castle

Located in the Liberec region just north of Prague, Bezděz combines historic significance and architectural beauty. Once a royal castle, founded between 1260 and 1280, is one of the most significant Gothic monuments in the country.

Bezděz Castle is situated at the top of the hill of Bezděz (604 m above sea level). There is also a lookout gallery open to visitors – the Grand Tower. Being 35 meters high, the tower offers jaw-dropping panoramic views of distant surroundings. When the weather is good, visitors can see the tops of the Jizera Mountains and Krkonoše.

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