5 reasons why students want to study MUNI

29. 11. 2019 | PR articles

MASARYK UNIVERSITY belongs to the most important educational and research institutions in Central Europe. The university is named after the first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, which reflects its vision to develop the quality of life and to safeguard cultural and social values. See the top 5 reasons why students want to study here!

STUDENT-CENTRED APPROACH Masaryk University accommodates the needs and future careers of its students by encouraging them to combine their courses so that they can specialise and have enough time for their extracurricular activities and jobs. Teachers do their best to help students and their individual needs (and given that we are not too large of a university, personal approach is our strong suit!). With all this, a award-winning electronic systems will help you – you can actually do pretty much everything study-related online without any paperwork needed!

Why to study MUNI

INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT Masaryk University is an international community. Over 7,000 students from 100 countries study at Masaryk University on an annual basis (and that is not counting over 1000 exchange students!). Numerous expat groups and our university infrastructure for international students helps students to acclimatise and enjoy their studies to the fullest.


6th MOST POPULAR STUDENT CITY IN THE WORLD Masaryk University is closely linked to the city of Brno. With its 380,000 inhabitants Brno offers everything you need in a city without being too overcrowded. 80,000 students come to Brno every year to enjoy high-quality education, excellent coffee and gastronomical scene and vibrant culture ranging from classical music and theatres to underground clubs and street performers. Make sure to visit our UNESCO site and find out all about its fascinating history! If that is not enough for you, you can be in Vienna, Budapest and Prague in 3 hours!


STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES High-tech facilities on all faculties are designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire practical experience during the course of their studies. Our innovative facilities include a training hospital for dentists and medical doctors, a newsroom for journalists, cybersecurity polygon, polar station in Antarctica, a recording studio and much more.


LOW COST OF LIVING Czech Republic is a beautiful country (actually the 6th safest country in the world) that has everything you could need and more – for a very reasonable price. You can live in Brno for about 30 EUR, including accommodation, food, pass for our award-winning public transport and some fun at city fairs or in local cultural hubs or pubs.


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