About us

The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences is a part of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague located in the capital of the Czech Republic, right in „the heart of Europe“, offering research and studies of tropical and subtropical regions with a tradition of 60 years.

Entering its diamond jubilee this year, FTA departments are now united under one roof for the first time in the “green” building. The Pavilion of Tropical AgriSciences offers the most modern spaces enabling interactive teaching methods such as “classroom response system”, laboratory equipment for student practice and facilities for scientific activities.

The Faculty offers education in agricultural, environmental and rural development in specific tropical and subtropical regions at all three study levels - undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

Students are educated and trained in specialized faculty facilities (experimental greenhouses in the Botanical gardens, outdoor fields, laboratories, and eland and guanaco farms) and in partner institutions around the world.


Where to find us

Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Kamýcká 129
165 00 Prague

Admission and entrance exams

Applications can be submitted only electronically. It must contain the prescribed requirements and also name one selected study programme. Valid application should also contain several uploaded documents, different for each level of studies, and must be paid by the end of the selection period (500 CZK by on-line payment as the most convenient). The selection procedure is two-round.

During the first round, done without presence of applicant, the selection committee do the evaluation of submitted documents, and applicants do or don’t continue to the second round, which is personal interview focused on English language and Interview on certain topic based on the programme selected by applicant.

If applicant pass the second round successfully, s/he will get electronic notification and future “step-by-step” instructions, what are necessary steps to manage before his/her arrival to the Czech Republic, eg. how to pay tuition fee,  paperwork for Recognition or Evaluation of previous studies, Confirmation of Accommodation and health insurance.

For applicants abroad, we recommend sending the application as soon as possible after the opening of the admission procedure so that there is enough time to process the visa. The application deadline for applicants abroad is usually around January 10.


Additional information

Main advantages:

  • graduates qualified to pursue work abroad (development cooperation sector, international business operations)
  • diverse international student body at FTA brings a unique mix of opinions and perspectives into our classroom environment, creating an ideal atmosphere for peer-to-peer learning
  • students highly encouraged to conduct their research abroad, in conjunction with one of the faculty’s development projects or with institutions abroad
  • in-depth knowledge, professional skills and critical awareness related to the main topics of the programmes
  • practical training in NGOs working in development, community organizing or local agriculture, fair trade or microfinance institutions, botanical gardens, greenhouse and veterinary laboratories, zoos, or at our eland, guanaco and deer farms
  • many opportunities to gain hands-on experience and practical skills through the faculty’s projects around the world
  • broad understanding of socioeconomic factors related to development and poverty alleviation prepares students for work in the international development sector

Campus of CZU

The unique campus of CZU in Prague offers study, sports and relaxation facilities. Faculty teaching takes place only in the grounds of Suchdol (20 minutes from the center of Prague).

About the campus:

  • Area of 44 hectares
  • 6 faculties
  • The university's largest lecture hall: capacity of 400 students

In addition to the individual faculties, you can find in the campus a complete sports facility (sport halls, swimming pool, football pitches, tennis courts and many more).


Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Kamýcká 129
165 00 Prague