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The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) leads students to responsibility and respect for the environment in the interest of the sustainable life of future generations. This approach plays a crucial role in today's global situation, where natural resources are depleted at an alarming rate, and the biodiversity of our planet is seriously threatened.

CZU is located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on a modern green campus. Being a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences, it is one of the leading European universities focusing on life sciences. It is also rated as the most sustainable university in Czechia.

CZU is a leading educational and research centre in the areas of forestry, environmental sciences, agricultural sector, sustainable use of natural resources, management and informatics, technology and regional development.


Where to find us

Czech University of Life Sciences

Kamýcká 129
165 00 Praha 6-Suchdol


Faculty of Economics and Management

  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Management
  • European Agrarian Diplomacy

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9 programmes

Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

  • Agri-food Systems and Rural Development
  • Agricultural Sciences and Farming Systems in the Tropics and Subtropics - double degree
  • Agriculture in Tropics and Subtropics

and next 8 programmes

11 programmes

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Additional information


A green and modern university campus in Prague

The Suchdol campus offers many amenities, all in one place. From spacious lecture halls to affordable residence and dining halls; a large library, lively entertainment, multi-functional sports centres, and lots of green spaces.


Diverse range of study programmes in English

Are you interested in ecology, natural resources, business, technology, or informatics? We offer more than 100 study programmes in various fields connected to the area of life sciences: 59 are taught in English.


Quality education and cutting-edge research & development

According to prestigious rankings we are among the top three percent of universities in the world. We succeed mostly in Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Quality assurance of educational activities is one of the core, long-term priorities of our institution.


Safe location in the heart of Europe

Studying at CZU in Prague, Czech Republic places you in the middle of Europe and gives you a great chance to travel all over the continent while discovering countries you might otherwise haven’t had the opportunity to visit. Moreover, according to the Global Peace Index 2019, the Czech Republic ranked as the 10th safest country in the world.


Theoretically based but complemented by practice

You can apply the gained knowledge in practice. Multiple facilities are available to students such as laboratories, research institutes, stables, fields, botanical gardens, and greenhouses. We brew our own beer; we also have a viticultural centre. Our off-campus facilities comprise of more than 9,000 hectares. Our premises is also constantly expanding as we have recently opened the new sustainable pavilion for the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. Next year we will present the new food processing pavilion of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food, and Natural Resources.


Sustainability is our priority

Is ecology and responsibility important to you? For us it is, so we are taking measures to impact the planet as little as possible. According to the international UI Green Metric World University Rankings, we have the most sustainable campus in the Czech Republic.


Affordable tuition fees and living costs

The tuition fees for English study programmes start at 200 euros/year. Self-paying students are eligible to receive accommodation at our student dormitories on campus (approx. 140 Euros/month). We also have an off-campus dormitory West with newly renovated rooms. Living costs in the Czech Republic are relatively low comparing to Western Europe.


Opportunities for employment

Don't worry that you won't find a job after your studies. Employment levels of CZU graduates have been consistently high for many years. The Czech Republic also boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. Do you want to have a better idea about your opportunities while you’re still studying? Go to the Job Fair, which we organize every year.


Rich student life

Our campus is bustling with over 20 000 students, 4000 of which are international. We also host several student organisations (e.g., Erasmus Student Network, AIESEC, Point One, CZU Prague Formula Racing, ...). The campus is full of activities: Welcome Week, Miss Agro, Prague Science Film Fest, Ice-Hockey matches, and more events are waiting for you.


Multiple food options

The campus offers several places to eat, and, in addition, many meals are subsidized. You don't have to reach deep into your pocket for good food. There are multiple restaurants, a canteen, buffets, and our CZU shop, which offers a variety of healthy and filling snacks.

Accommodation & Campus life

CZU offers on campus dormitories. There is a variety of room options for a very affordable price. Take a look here to see all the options and application procedure. We also have an off-campus dormitory West with newly renovated rooms. Check out this video to find out more about dormitories and other amenities that make the life on campus complete.



CZU Prague does not offer full scholarships as the study programmes are already subsidized by the government to provide affordable tuition fees. However, the university does offer merit and accommodation scholarships. You can find out more about these here. At some faculties, students may also get a tuition reduction based on their grades.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences: Start-up scholarship –  to support qualified international students financially during their first semester, only for newly admitted students, the support is 4 600 CZK/month for maximum of 4 months, approximately 20 students can receive this scholarship, selection criteria and more information here.

Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources: merit scholarship for students of Bachelor´s and Master´s study programmes taught in English who achieve excellent study results.

Master´s degree students can apply for merit scholarship in their second year of study provided that they achieve study average of 1.0-2.0 in their first year of study. The scholarship ranges from 50% to 10% of annual tuition fee.


Czech University of Life Sciences

Kamýcká 129
165 00 Praha 6-Suchdol