We have found 22 universities

Metropolitan University Prague

  • Anglophone Studies
  • International Relations - Asian Studies
  • International Relations and European Studies

and next 3 programmes

6 programmes

Prague College

  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media
  • BSc (Hons) Computing

and next 9 programmes

12 programmes

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BEF)
  • Master in Area Studies (MAS)
  • International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS)

and next 27 programmes

30 programmes

University of New York in Prague

  • Business Administration - Concentration in Finance
  • Business Administration - Concentration in Marketing
  • Business Administration - Concentration in Human Resources

and next 13 programmes

16 programmes

CEVRO Institute

  • Philosophy, Politics, Economics
  • Economics, Business, Politics
2 programmes

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Unicorn University

  • Applied Economics & Data analysis
  • Business Management Double Degree
  • Business Management

and next 2 programmes

5 programmes

Faculty of Economics and Management

  • Sector Economic and Economics of Enterprise
  • Management
  • Regional and Social Development

and next 5 programmes

8 programmes

Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

  • International Cooperation in Agricultural and Rural Development
  • Agri-food Systems and Rural Development
  • Tropical Crop Management and Ecology

and next 7 programmes

10 programmes

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematical Modelling in Physics and Technology
  • Computer Science - Software Systems

and next 39 programmes

42 programmes

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Faculty of Chemical Technology

  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Chemistry, Technology and Materials
2 programmes

Faculty of Environmental Technology

  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Sustainability and Environmental Engineering
2 programmes

Anglo-American University

  • Business Administration: Extended Major
  • Business Administration: Strategic Marketing
  • Humanities

and next 35 programmes

38 programmes

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemistry and Technology
  • Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
  • Data Engineering in Chemistry
3 programmes

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Faculty of International Relations

  • Bachelor of International Business
  • International and Diplomatic Studies
  • International Business - Central European Business Realities
3 programmes

Faculty of Business Administration

  • International Management CEMS MIM
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Master in Management
3 programmes

Faculty of Economics

  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Economics and Public Policy
2 programmes

School of Business

  • Economics and Management
  • Sectoral Management - Major: Innovation Project Management
  • Sectoral Management - Major: Chemical Industry
  • Preparatory Program
4 programmes

College of International and Public Relations Prague

  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • International Management and Marketing
  • Air Transport Management

and next 2 programmes

5 programmes