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Originally founded as the Institute for Liberal Education of Charles University in 1994, the Faculty of Humanities gained full academic autonomy in 2000. It is the youngest Faculty under the esteemed Charles University and as such it offers several unique study programs and opportunities. It was established to provide study programs at the Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral levels that were previously not available at the university. Under the leadership of Dean Professor Jan Sokol, Ph.D., former education minister and presidential candidate, the school developed several progressive programs that responded to important transitional needs.


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Faculty of Humanities

Charles University
Pátkova 2137/5
182 00 Prague

Admission and entrance exams

Our BA program, Liberal Arts and Humanities, has 2 admission requirements:

- The entrance exam which consists of a short summary of an English academic text and follow-up questions based on the provided text and aims to test reading comprehension, proficiency in English, and the ability to articulate relevant points and ideas. Assessment is based primarily on factual accuracy of the summary and the depiction of the main thought line of the text. Questions are intended to ascertain whether or not the applicant fully grasped the contents of the text. The applicant can get up to 18 points for the test: 9 points for the summary and 3 points for each of the three answers.

- Providing proof of previous education (i.e. high school diploma)

Our MA programs have these admission requirements

- Submit a motivation letter, structured CV (curriculum vitae) and an academic paper in English before the application deadline.

- The paper should be no less than 15 pages in length and prove your knowledge, skills and talent for study in the program for which you are applying. The paper can be your defended bachelor’s thesis or its summary, an article published in an academic journal, or any new essay that you choose to represent you and your academic knowledge.

- Submit a notarized copy of your Bachelor's diploma.

The application fee is 880 CZK for an online application. More information on application payments is available here.

More information on Admissions is available here.

  • Online application: 880 CZK

Prepare for the entrance exams

Preparatory course for the entrance exam

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Additional information

The foundation of its work is the Bachelor’s Programme in Liberal Arts and Humanities, offering students unprecedented individual choice in course selection in both theoretical and applied arts of philosophy, history, the social sciences, and languages. There are three chief areas of academic research at Faculty of Humanities which include philosophy, anthropology, and the applied social sciences. The Faculty combines the tradition of the oldest Czech university with modern interdisciplinary approaches to studies and research.


Faculty of Humanities

Charles University
Pátkova 2137/5
182 00 Prague