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The Faculty of Enviromental Techology is the faculty of “four elements”. For the future of humankind, it is important to protect the air, water, and earth as well as to search for new sources of energy – traditionally symbolised by fire.


Where to find us

Faculty of Environmental Technology

University of Chemistry and Technology
Technická 1905/5
166 28 Prague

Admission and entrance exams


- Online application form

- Diploma with Diploma Supplement or Graduation Certificate with Transcript of Records (the list of all subjects studied last 4 years, proving extent and content of programme, incl. the number of lessons). Only certified copies of the originals are acceptable, i.e. stamped by the educational institute, officially translated into English (where applicable) and verified according to the international agreements *More information on the UCT Prague website

- Recognition Certificate of previous education acquired abroad

- Letter of motivation

- Certificate of English Language Knowledge (minimum FCE, TOEFL iBT: minimum score 80, IELTS: minimum band score 5.0)

- Signed Curriculum Vitae

- Copy of passport or ID

- Certified translation of Birth Certificate or other document proving evidence of date and place of birth

- Recent Health certificate (not older than 2 months) issued by an official health institution

- List of publications and other outcomes of scientific work (relevant for PhD applicants only)


Additional information

Key research areas

- Catalytic hydrogenation processing of petroleum fractions, vegetable oils, liquid products of biomass pyrolysis and their mixtures into high-quality fuels

- Development and testing of functional nano-layers on nuclear fuel coating with the aim of achieving ATF (Accident-Tolerant Fuel)

- Issues of natural gas transportation, distribution, treatment and processing; chemical and energy use of coal and coke; production of alternative fuels from biomass; treatment and processing of waste gases; environmental protection technology

- Water technology and water supply

- Waste water treatment and wastewater sludge valorisation

- Technologies for waste treatment and remediation, assessment of environmental impacts, assessment of sustainability and energy performance of products, and assessment of technologies and services (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment)


Faculty of Environmental Technology

University of Chemistry and Technology
Technická 1905/5
166 28 Prague