A Student’s Day in Prague

14. 12. 2019 | Study in the Czech Republic

Tourist in Prague Prague is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Located in the heart of Europe, the city is famous for its architecture, hilltop views, rich culture, charming markets and magical atmosphere.

The city attracts millions of tourists from around the world who come to see the famous monuments and tourist sites, but also increasing number of international students who come study at some of the quality higher education institutions. Prague is a home to the highest number of Czech universities including the oldest one in Central Europe – Charles University, which was founded in 1348.


If you decide to study at one of the universities located in the Prague, this i show your day might look like during college:


Enjoy a breakfast in one of the lovely coffee houses in Prague downtown. Visit Café Louvre at Národní Třída to enjoy the unique atmosphere of a historical café where famous guests like Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein and the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk used to go in the early 20th century. Or go to Cathedral Café Lounge which is located close to Old Town Square and has not only a cozy interior, but also a beautiful garden.


Almost all university faculties are located near the city center, so you’re likely to enjoy a stroll though some of the well-known historic streets of Prague on your way to classes.

Tourist in Prague


Prague does not only boast with traditional grand cafés, but also with a high number of modern restaurants, bistros, pubs and cafeterias, where they serve lunch menus for reasonable prices. Many restaurants in the city now also include a vegan option on their daily offer and the number of vegan shops is on the rise, too. Our tip: Grab a baguette in Bageterie Boulevard, a Czech chain selling baguettes, salads and soups, which is very popular among students!


Spend the afternoon wandering around the city’s famous spots – Charles Bridge, Kampa Park and Malá Strana. During a study period, head to the National Library of Technology, the oldest library of science and technology literature in the Czech Republic housed in a modern, ecological building located in the middle of Dejvice engineering and technology campus. The library offers 1,322 places to study, 562 places to Relax and dozens of individual and team study rooms.

Charles Bridge . Prague Castle


Get together with your friends and enjoy a dinner in the city center with a view on the Prague Castle. In summer, you can organize a picnic in Letná Park from where you can overlook the whole city.


The Czech Republic is famous for its history and culture, but also for the best beer in the world (which is, in addition, one of the cheapest). Enjoy the famous Pilsner lager in one of the typical beer pubs and finish the day like a local Czech!

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