Winters in the Czech Republic

11. 1. 2024 | Discover Czechia

Winters in the Czech RepublicThere is a bold statement that there is nothing like bad weather. You will probably disagree with that if you’re outside in a snowstorm. When we think about it, each kind of weather has something to enjoy. Weather makes a large impact on many aspects of our lives. We can’t change it, but we can be prepared and know what we can expect. A lot of people are concerned with winter, which makes sense because nobody wants to freeze. Let’s have a look at what wintertime in the Czech Republic usually looks like.

The Czech Republic has a mild climate with four distinct seasons. Although the weather in the Czech Republic can sometimes be tricky, it’s nothing dramatic to be worried about. One year can be warmer than the average, whereas the following year can be colder than the average. It depends on the certain year. Some winters are quite cold, whereas some are milder. It’s hard to predict what the following winter is going to be like.

When there are freezing temperatures in cities, they are usually a few degrees Celsius below zero. The air can be slightly humid. This makes people sometimes feel that it is colder than it is. Temperatures in winter are quite often a few degrees above zero. This weather is great for walks or exploring new places.

Some winters are very mild. They resemble early spring or late autumn. The temperatures can drop later on. Czech weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but with warm winter clothes, you don’t have to be afraid of freezing. If you are going to study in Czechia during wintertime, don’t forget to pack a warm jacket with you.

Winter in PragueWinter in Prague

The coldest month of winter is usually January. There is snow, even though sometimes there is not too much of it in lower altitude regions, like in Prague. Snow doesn’t usually last for too long in Prague. But when it snows, it’s beautiful to see the historical buildings covered in a white frosty coat. When there’s enough snow in Prague, a lot of people go to one of the forests or park areas in the city to go cross-country skiing. The park Stromovka is a popular cross-country skiing destination in Prague.

During winter, there is snow in the Czech mountains. If you like winter sports, you can visit one of the ski resorts in Czechia. Among the most popular ones are those in Krkonoše, which is the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic. If you don’t have a pair of skis with you, you can rent one.

When the temperatures are below zero, be careful. Don’t be in a hurry when you walk somewhere. The sidewalks can be slippery. The town services take care of the streets and roads. They sprinkle the surfaces with a special mixture so that everybody stays safe. Although the pavements are taken care of, accidents can still happen. That is why it’s better to keep in mind the old saying better safe than sorry.

During winter, it gets dark quite early. You can enjoy long cozy winter evenings with friends and a glass of hot wine. Winter is a great time to be in Czechia.

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