4 Interesting Places in Czechia You Can Visit by Train

25. 9. 2023 | Discover Czechia

visit PardubiceTrains are a very popular means of transport in the Czech Republic. They are comfortable and highly convenient. The Czech Republic has a dense network of railways, which makes a lot of interesting places easily accessible without having a car. What’s more, trains are perfect when you travel with friends. You can have a lot of fun on your journey. If you prefer to travel alone, you can always read or study. Let’s have a look at four interesting places to go on a trip while studying in the Czech Republic. All these places are relatively close to Prague and the train ride takes approximately an hour or less.


There is an excellent train connection to Pardubice. Pardubice is a very nice town to visit. There is a lovely chateau with a lot of peacocks roaming around. Pardubice is well known for horse racing and gingerbread. You can try some. Gingerbread from Pardubice has lovely decorations and very tasty. There is a university in this town as well. You might study in Pardubice one day.


Poděbrady is a spa town. In the Czech Republic there are a lot of spa towns. If people are sick, they can get spa treatment paid for by their health insurance. Poděbrady is well known for curing heart diseases and problems with the musculoskeletal system. It’s a charming little town too. There are special cookies typical of Czech spa towns you should try. They are flat, round, very big, and very tasty. There are many flavors you can choose from, like chocolate and chili, hazelnut, coffee, raspberries, almonds, and much more. If you are interested in art, make sure to visit the Bohemia Crystal factory. You can see how ornaments are being cut into glass.


This castle is close to Prague. It’s a very pleasant train ride. Karlštejn was built in the 14th century. The castle was founded by King Charles IV. This king also founded Charles University or Charles Bridge. If you like hiking, this place is perfect. The castle is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are a lot of castles in the Czech Republic. If you like history, there is always something new to explore.

Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora is another place full of history. There is so much to see in this town close to Prague. You can visit the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Barbora. If you’re not claustrophobic, you can explore the old silver mines. It’s a lot of fun. There is a place close to Kutná Hora called Sedlec. It’s famous for its ossuary. You can see ornaments made of human bones. This place is popular with visitors and is worth seeing.


Trains are a great and affordable way to travel around the Czech Republic. You can just get a ticket and see where the train takes you. You never know what new experiences are waiting for you. Happy traveling!

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