5 Czech Authors Worth Reading

18. 11. 2023 | Discover Czechia

5 Czech Authors Worth ReadingDuring chilly autumn evenings, there is nothing like snuggling under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee. There are so many books out there. Why not try reading something by a Czech author? Czech literature has a lot of great books to offer. Let’s have a look at some of them. You can find these books translated into English.

Milan Kundera

Milan Kundera was a Czech author, who wrote in French. His books follow a capturing story and at the same time discuss philosophical questions and a lot of interesting topics. By Milan Kundera, you can read e. g. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Joke, or Immortality.

Karel Čapek

Karel Čapek was a great author. He invented the word robot. The robots appeared in his theatrical play R.U.R. Unlike the idea of robots being tin boxes, Čapek’s robots were more like artificial people. Another great book by Čapek is War with the Newts. The newts represent a growing power that wasn’t too much paid attention to as a possible threat, but which grew to overtake the world. Čapek wrote a lot of great novels, short stories, and plays. His works are still very current although they were written during the first half of the twentieth century. They can be read like prophecies for future generations. Čapek also was a children’s author. His books for children are very popular because they combine kind humor and show Čapek’s large range of vocabulary, which is beneficial for the language development of young readers.

Jaroslav Hašek

Jaroslav Hašek is the author of The Good Soldier Švejk. The Good Soldier Švejk is a great book criticizing the absurdity and bureaucracy of the military system. It is set during the First World War. Soldier Švejk is a specific character. Nobody knows if he’s constantly making fools out of people, including himself, or if he means his actions seriously. As a character, he serves as a mirror reflecting all the ridiculousness he’s dealing with. The book is full of humor. It’s highly appreciated, especially by those who have experience with military service.

Bohumil Hrabal

Books by Bohumil Hrabal have a unique style. In a way, it resembles J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. Hrabal’s very long sentences combine the distinguished with the low. The result is amazing. Playfulness blends with deep thoughts. Among some of his masterpieces, you can read Closely Watched Trains, Too Loud a Solitude, or I Served the King of England.

Jan Neruda

Jan Neruda wrote a collection of stories called Prague Tales from the Little Quarter. These stories are located in the Prague quarter of the Lesser Town. They show the specific atmosphere of this part of Prague in the nineteenth century. The stories show all the social aspects and discover both the good and dark sides of human nature. Among the characters of the tales, you can find a beggar, a doctor, or small-business owners. This collection is considered a classic of Czech literature.

These are some Czech authors worth reading. Grab a cup of something warm and tasty, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your book. Happy reading!

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