Popular Sports in the Czech Republic

1. 2. 2024 | Discover Czechia

Popular Sports in the Czech RepublicGenerally speaking, the Czech Republic is a sport-friendly country. People are well aware of the health benefits sports can bring into their lives. Sports activities are important for your well-being and achieving a balance between relaxing and the daily grind of studying.

Winter sports

In winter, people like visiting the Czech mountains to go skiing and snowboarding. Among the most popular winter holiday destinations is the highest Czech mountain range – Krkonoše. A lot of people like cross-country skiing. If the snow conditions are good, you can go cross-country skiing even in non-mountain areas or parks in bigger towns.


Swimming is a great way to relax actively. There are good swimming pools in Prague. One can be found in Barrandov. There is a big swimming pool area in Podolí. There are both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Swimming pools can be found in most bigger Czech towns. The Czech Republic also has natural water reservoirs where people can swim. Be careful, sometimes there is too much algae. It can turn the water solid green. The problem is that some people might be sensitive to algae and can have an allergic reaction to it. Before swimming in natural water reservoirs, always make sure it’s safe to swim there.

Unfortunately, the Czech Republic doesn’t have a sea. That is the reason why beach vacations are so popular in Czechia, with Croatia being one of the most popular beach destinations. It’s relatively close and people can drive there. In recent years, there has even been a train you can take to Croatia. Other popular beach holiday destinations in Europe are Italy, Spain, and France.


The Czech Republic is full of great places to go hiking. Czech nature is beautiful. There are popular mountain areas like Šumava and Krkonoše. These are the perfect places to take a break from everything. Nature has and always has had a soothing effect on people. Hiking in Czechia is safe. There are no bears to be worried about.


When you go hiking, you are probably going to meet a lot of cyclists. Cycling is a popular sport in the Czech Republic. A bike is also an ecological means of transport. Be sure to wear a helmet when you go somewhere by bike.

Popular sports to watch

If we think about the most popular sports to watch in Czechia, that would be ice hockey and football (soccer). Both of them get a lot of attention in the whole country. When there is an important match, people like to go to pubs with friends. They drink beer and cheer together for their favorite team. If you go to a Czech pub on such an occasion, you will experience a fun atmosphere and learn a lot about Czech culture at the same time.

If you want to build a career in sports, the University of New York in Prague offers a Bachelor’s program called Business Administration – Concentration in Sports Management. It’s a great opportunity to gain business skills and focus on the sports industry. It’s a wonderful option for all sports enthusiasts. To learn more about options to study in the Czech Republic, check out the University Search.



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