Unwritten Rules in Prague

18. 10. 2023 | Discover Czechia

Unwritten Rules in PragueA lot of students who decide to study in the Czech Republic choose Prague. It’s the capital city of the country with lots of things to do and see. There are some particular details related to Prague that might surprise you. This article will point out some things to be aware of and guide you a little bit through the specifics of Czechia’s capital city.

Beware of tourist traps!

There are a lot of overpriced restaurants in the center of Prague. These restaurants aim at tourists who don’t think about how much money they spend during their vacation. At the same time, there are great restaurants only a few steps from these touristy places. It’s important to look around before choosing a spot to eat out. You can read the menu and prices, which are on display in front of the restaurants. Since lunch is considered to be the main meal of the day for most people in Czechia, restaurants offer special lunch menus for a better price. These lunch menus are worth trying. The food is tasty and you save money.

Use the metro – it’s convenient

The metro is a great option to travel around the town. Since the metro is situated under the ground, traveling by this means of transport is fast and reliable. There are no traffic jams and the metro in Prague is convenient. In case it doesn’t take you exactly to the place where you need to be, there is a dense network of trams and buses all over Prague. If you get a ticket for multiple days, depending on how long you’re staying in Prague, it’s much better value. It’s a lot cheaper and brings one more advantage – you don’t have to be worried about forgetting to stamp your ticket before hopping on the metro and becoming an illegal passenger by accident.

To get down to the metro station, there are escalators. On many occasions, you can become a witness to a scene typical of a Prague escalator. Two people are standing next to each other, most likely chatting or looking around, and a grumpy person nervously standing behind the person on the left. The grumpy person would like to move on, but the couple is in the way. There is an unwritten rule that people who take the escalators stay on the right side. This way if some people are in a hurry, they can walk down the left side. It’s sort of a highway. There are two lanes for passengers – the fast one on the left and the right one for those who want to enjoy the ride without being in a hurry.

Man’s best friend is everywhere you go

This doesn’t apply only to Prague, but to the whole country. Czechia is a dog-friendly place. Czech people love their dogs. You can see dogs in coffee shops, in restaurants, on the metro, on buses, on trams, and almost anywhere you can think of. When people bring their fluffy friend to a restaurant, the staff usually prepares a bowl of water for him. Because the dogs are used to going places with their human friends, they are well-behaved. Dogs are sociable and add a nice touch to the hustle and bustle of Prague.

In general, Prague is safe and friendly. While studying in Prague, you might discover some more surprising things that will catch your attention. One thing is for sure, when staying in Prague, you will never get bored.


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