Fun Facts About Prague

6. 2. 2024 | Discover Czechia

study in PragueWhich Prague tower is the highest? Which Prague bridge is the oldest? Which metro station is the deepest? Read on and learn about some fun facts related to Czechia’s capital city.

The deepest metro station in Prague

If you decide to study in Prague, you will surely be using the metro. It’s a very convenient means of transport you can rely on. It’s a cheap and affordable way to move around the city without being stuck in a traffic jam. The deepest metro station is Náměstí Míru. It’s 53 meters deep and has the longest escalator of all the Prague metro stations. This escalator is a perfect place to revise things for your subjects of study. If there is nothing to learn, you can read a book on your way up to the surface. Although the metro is mostly under the ground (there are a few exceptions, e.g. Vyšehrad), you don’t have to be worried in case you suffer from claustrophobia. The metro in Prague has spacious carriages and station platforms. You won’t even notice you’re under the ground. Some of the stations have colorful tiles, which give them a timelessly modern appearance.

The oldest bridge in Prague

The oldest bridge in Prague is Charles Bridge. The construction of the bridge started in 1357 and was finished in 1402. According to the legend, the builders added eggs into the mortar so that the bridge would last long. Charles Bridge is a very touristy place. If you want to cross the Vltava River by crossing it, it will take some time to snake through the crowds of people. But it’s worth it. It has a unique atmosphere. You can admire the statues and artists who sell their paintings over there. Charles Bridge is the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. The oldest bridge in the country is in Písek in Southern Bohemia. It was built in the 13th century.

The biggest square in Prague

The biggest square in Prague is Charles Square. It measures 88 552 m2. There is a park area. If you go there, you should see the famous crooked tree with its unique branches. You can also see some interesting statues in this square.

The longest square in Prague

The longest Prague square is Wenceslas Square. If you walk from the National Museum and the riding statue of Saint Wenceslas to Můstek, it measures 750 meters. That is long. But there is a lot to see. This square is an iconic place and it’s very important for the Czech culture and history.

The tallest tower in Prague

The tallest tower in Prague is the Žižkov Television Tower. Being 216 meters tall, it can be seen from far away. It’s a great place to visit. You can go to the top and have a nice drink in a bar over there. You will enjoy your beverage and the beautiful view of the whole city at the same time. Doesn’t that sound great?

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