Places to Relax in Prague

28. 1. 2024 | Discover Czechia

Relax in PragueStudying at university can be demanding. There is a lot of work to do. That is why it’s so important to take a break and relax. One thing is important to point out here – relaxing is crucial for your study-life balance. Without having a rest you can’t recharge your batteries and have enough energy for the challenges that lie ahead. There are many places to relax in Prague. In this article, you can get inspiration to find calm and soothing places in Czechia’s capital city.

Prague is a green city with plenty of trees and grassy areas. It has a lot of beautiful parks. One of the most popular parks is Stromovka. People enjoy going there to relax. In summertime, it’s a great place for having a picnic with friends. In wintertime, some people like going cross-country skiing in Stromovka. Other popular parks are Vítkov and Folimanka.

If you’re looking for a nice calm place in the center of Prague, there is a small and cozy garden right next to Wenceslas Square. It’s called Františkánská zahrada. It’s a nice place to sit on a bench and read a book or revise for exams.

Another very nice place to go right at the heart of the city is Petřín. It’s a hill with a big park area within walking distance of Prague Castle. Being on a hill, you will have a beautiful view of the entire city from above. You can climb up the Petřín Tower and have an even more impressive view. Like other park areas in spring and summer, this place is great for picnics. The location is convenient. You can get there easily by public transport. If you want to stay in good shape, you can walk up the hill. If you don’t feel like it, you can ride the funicular which will take you up the hill.

Prague also has some great forested areas. They aren’t wild forests but something between a park and a forest. The Czech word for a forest is les. There is also an expression lesopark. This expression suggests the shifting borderline between a forest and a park. Let’s name some of these: Kunratický les, Hostivařský lesopark, or Klánovický les. An amazing place for nature lovers is Prokop Valley (Prokopské údolí). It’s a great place for walks. If you like hiking, you don’t need to leave Prague.

The following is a tip for summertime. Some pubs in the Prague city center offer little garden areas for their guests. This is a great way to have a nice time with friends and relax. You sit outside and enjoy your beer or any other beverage of your preference. Sometimes these little places are hidden very well and nobody would expect them to be there. They come as a pleasant surprise. When it comes to wintertime, going to a pub is always relaxing. You can have some hot wine that will warm you up. Going to a Czech pub with friends is relaxing all year round.

If you decide to study at university in Prague, have a great time and enjoy the city. To look for options to study in Prague or the Czech Republic, you can check out the University Search.

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