Delicious Breakfast Ideas from Czech Bakeries

2. 10. 2023 | Discover Czechia

Delicious Breakfast Ideas from Czech BakeriesCzech bakeries offer a large variety of delicious pastries. There are many bakeries all over the country. In Prague, you can often find them near the metro stations. They come in handy, especially during the rush hour in the morning. When people are in a hurry for work or school, they need to quickly grab something tasty for breakfast. Although these little shops get very busy at this time of the day, the sales assistants are very efficient so the customers don’t have to wait in long lines. Getting something good and fresh to eat doesn’t take as much time as making a stop at the supermarket. These bakeries are also places where you can get yourself a cup of coffee. It goes well with some of these sweet breakfast ideas we’re going to discuss in this article.


Kobliha is very popular. You can’t go wrong with it. This delicious pastry could be described as a doughnut. It’s a very good deep-fried pastry with sugar on top of it. When you eat it, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you inside. This sweet treat is filled with marmalade, which gives it a nice and pleasant tangy touch.


Koláč is a round type of pastry. It has a dough rim and a center. Its shape resembles pizza a little bit. The center is where the magic happens. There are many variants of koláč. The most typical are probably those with a sweet type of cheese, with poppy seeds, or with plum jam. The version with nut filling is pretty tasty too. Some koláč pastries combine more of these fillings. This way the fillings make ornamental patterns. Sometimes raisins or almonds are used as decoration. You can buy this traditional pastry in every Czech bakery.


Loupák is a slightly sweet bread roll. It’s sprinkled with poppy seeds. It looks lovely and tastes great. The poppy seeds enhance the flavor and add texture. They’re nice and crunchy and balance the mild sweetness of the bread roll.


Závin is a perfect breakfast and dessert idea. It’s made by wrapping the filling, which is traditionally made of either apple or poppy seeds, into dough. As you can see, there are a lot of poppy seeds when it comes to Czech pastries. You should try them. They aren’t only delicious, but also healthy. Poppy seeds contain a lot of calcium.

Mazanec and Vánočka 

These two can be another smart breakfast choice. Mazanec and vánočka could be described as sweet bread made of risen dough. It can be cut into slices. The soft texture of this great pastry is accentuated by raisins and pieces of almonds, which had been added to the dough. The surface is sprinkled with slices of almonds, which give it an extra crunch. Traditionally, mazanec is a round loaf made for Easter. Vánočka is baked as a Christmas tradition. It has a unique shape. Vánočka is made by braiding thick pieces of dough together. Even if mazanec and vánočka are linked to important Czech festivities, you can enjoy them all year round. They’re not too sweet, but the pleasant taste will give you plenty of energy to be productive. Some people like spreading jam on them.


One more tip: Czech bakeries try to be creative. People like classical combinations of sweet pastry combined with cheese or poppy seeds. Bakers create new shapes and flavor combinations but also rediscover traditional recipes from their grandmothers. Surely you will find your favorite Czech bakery to stop by on your way to school. Czech pastries will please your taste buds and at the same time give you loads of energy to have a great and productive day.

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