Advanced business and management in Liberec

14. 1. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

study business in LiberecTechnical University of Liberec offers three study programmes in English that focus on advanced business and management. If you don’t want to live in a huge capital city but still be relatively close to Prague for a weekend visit, consider this North Bohemian university situated right under the Jizera mountains—a perfect place for hitchhiking or just enjoying the nature!

The Faculty of Economics provides education that isn’t based on bookish knowledge only but is also the result of close cooperation with corporations, thus enhancing the employability of their graduates in the labour market. The international environment at university allows a high international mobility for students and academic staff alike.

Follow-up master programmes

Business Administration, with the specialisation in Management of Business Processes, is a 2-year long Master programme aimed at those of you who enjoy solving complex economic problems in corporations in the middle and upper management level.

You’ll be able to enrol into subjects such as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Strategic management, Managerial accounting, Quantitative methods in management, Innovative marketing, Marketing research and data analysis, Financial management, Tax practice, Legal issues, Business environment, Project management, Auditing, Business planning and many others.

International Management is another 2-year long Master programme but this one is actually a double degree in cooperation with IHI Zitta—Central European Campus Nisa/Neisses. If you were always intrigued by these fancy double international programmes, check out this one.

You’ll be studying subjects such as Strategic management, Project management, Logistics and Resources, Quality management, International trade environment, International management, Methods for empirical social research, Marketing research and data analysis, Risk management, International accounting systems, Environmental communication and responsibility, Corporate social responsibility management, Business and enterprises insurance and others.

PhD programme

Business Administration and Management is a 4-year long PhD programme that will make you a real expert in the field. You won’t become just another manager but a researcher in various methods of processing empirical data while applying that knowledge on behaviour and management of corporations in an international environment with the focus on innovation.

You’ll study advanced subjects such as Managerial economics, Statistics and data analysis, Methodology of science, HR management, ICT management, Innovative management, Corporate marketing, Business valuation, Supply chain design, Quantitative methods in management and others while working on your own research and also teaching undergraduates.

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