Czech labor market: find the most suitable job for you in 2020-2021

5. 5. 2021 | Alumni and Career
Jooble PragueAt present, the Czech economy is in great danger. On the one hand there is Covid-19, and on the other hand there are „no working opportunities„. Moreover, there is such a problem as difficulty finding a job. Some analysts are predicting more and more unemployment, as well as a decline in GDP. But despite this situation, people who are looking for work will always find it (if they know where to look for it).
For example, in Prague alone there are now 30,000 job ads. In Brno, there are about 20,000 job advertisements. In Bohumín, there are about 8,000 job advertisements. And so in every city there are sure to be job openings. Jobs are offered in any field. Both full-time and part-time. Freelancing is also common. So it is quite possible to find a suitable job for yourself.
Before you start looking for a job, you should know if you are ready to move to another city or if you are ready to learn something new. If you are primarily interested in salary, note that the capital is always the highest pay. Programmers earn from 46,130 to 51,500 CZK per month, teachers earn from 20,225 to 37,750 CZK per month, medical professionals earn from 38,000 to 51,500 CZK per month.

As for jobs, the most in-demand occupations in America are:

  • programmers
  • business development managers
  • accountants
  • mathematicians and analysts
  • teachers
Jooble can help you a little with your job search. On the pages of this site you can find a lot of job vacancies in different countries and cities. It is important to set the parameters that suit you and you can begin your search.
Here is a link as an example of a job in the Czech Republic:
Also keep in mind that some cities have a higher demand for some jobs and a lower demand for others. Depending on your skills and knowledge, you may be able to find a job you like.

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