Czech Republic has the 24th highest quality of life in the world

26. 9. 2019 | News

Young Woman at Tram StopThe Czech Republic’s quality of life has been rated 24th out of a total of 149 countries in the 2019 Quality of Life Index conducted by Deloitte in cooperation with the non-profit Social Progress Imperative.

The country climbed two places compared to last year’s survey, and for the first time finished ahead of the United States, which came in 26th this year. Norway ranked first in the survey, followed by Denmark and Switzerland.

In the 2019 Quality of Life Index, countries were ranked according to three main categories: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity. These categories included sub-indices such as Personal Safety, Medical Care, Environmental Quality, Access to Basic Knowledge, and Personal Freedom.

The Czech Republic ranked highest in the Basic Human Needs category, finishing at #15 of the 149 countries surveyed, and ranked #24 in Opportunity and #31 in Foundations of Wellbeing. In several sub-rankings, the Czech Republic ranked at or tied for #1. These included Undernourishment (2.5% of the population), Access to Electricity (100%), Adult Literacy Rate (99%), Mobile Telephone Subscriptions (119%), and Early Marriage (0%).

Czech neighbors Germany (#8) and Austria (#20) also rated highly in the new Quality of Life Index, but the Czech Republic ranked ahead of its other neighbors with Poland coming in at #33 and Slovakia at #35. “If we compare the countries of the Visegrád Four, the Czech Republic is far ahead of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland,” said Deloitte President Josef Kotrba.

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