Entrance exams in the Czech Republic

14. 11. 2019 | Admission

Entrance exams in the Czech RepublicApplicants to some degree programmes at some Czech universities might be asked to pass an entrance exam in order to be accepted to the programme. The entrance exam usually takes place on the university campus, but the form varies from school to school. The language of the test depends on the languages of the instruction of the programme.

Usually, the entrance exam consists of two parts: a written test and an interview. The written test can either take a form of multiple-choice test, an essay question or both. The interview is usually conducted by a committee consisting of faculty members. For some study programmes such as those related to arts and architecture, you may also be required to pass an aptitude test.

A written test

The written test can either take the form of a multiple-choice test, an essay question or both. The entrance exam topics and sample questions are generally available on the website of the appropriate university, so you can prepare for the test by studying the appropriate materials and topics. Universities usually recommend a list of literature on their website for each programme, too.

An interview

Applicants with the best written test results might be invited to a subsequent interview. The examination committee usually consists of two to three faculty members who ask questions and evaluate the applicant. During the interview, applicants are expected to demonstrate their interest in the field of study, their ability to discuss relevant topics, and their ability to present and defend their opinions. If you are invited to an interview, you can read our article on what to wear to the admission interview.


Applicants can usually receive a certain maximum amount of point for each part of the entrance exam and are then evaluated based on their results. However, the total score obtained during the entrance exam might be only one of the decisive factors for admission as some faculties ask applicants to also send in their CV, a motivation letter and transcript. The minimum requirements needed for acceptance vary on each university and faculty. According to the capacity of the faculty, the total number of admitted applicants and the corresponding minimum score limit is often set before the application process.

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