Masaryk University purchases “green energy” to reduce CO2 emissions

21. 6. 2020 | News

Masaryk University purchases “green energy”Masaryk University in Brno is committed to environmental responsibility and supports sustainable projects across their faculties. The university has long been using renewable sources of energy and energy management when managing its facilities, but this purchase marks the first time the university bought energy that comes from renewable resources and is certified as such.

The “green energy” which comes with a certificate confirming that the deliveries are equivalent to energy produced from renewable resources was purchased from the Czech Moravian Commodity Exchange Kladno. The purchase marks another step that the Masaryk University has taken to meet the targets set out in the memorandum for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Brno after signing it in February.

According to the Rector of Masaryk University Martin Bareš, the university views environmental protection and sustainable development as its priorities and many of its excellent research departments focus on these areas.

“We are always mindful of the need to reduce energy consumption, or ensure low energy consumption, whether we are building new premises at the University Campus Bohunice or renovating our historical premises in the city centre. Some of our buildings feature green roofs and rainwater retention features. Waste separation, recycling and reducing paper consumption through digitization became the standard a while ago and this is continuing,” adds MU Bursar Marta Valešová.

Other sustainability projects at the university include the project for using renewable and alternative sources for heating and cooling at the University Campus Bohunice, where the university is currently building a Simulation Centre and a unique biobank. The university is also planning to use some of the land acquired from the City of Brno to add more green spaces suitable for sport activities to the university campus.


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