Places to study in Prague

23. 8. 2020 | Student Life

Students in a caféAre you looking for an ideal environment where you can study? Like a coffee shop where they won’t throw you out if you sit there with just one cup of coffee the whole afternoon? Or would you prefer a library where other students focus as well, it gets you into the right study mood so you finally stop checking your Facebook and actually start working? We have a few tips where to find such places in Prague.

Life begins after coffee

Prague coffee shops are world-renowned. If you love good coffee or tea and you can’t imagine your life without these beverages, coffee shops or teahouses are an obvious choice for you. NoNa café is situated right in the centre of Prague on the premises of National Theatre’s New Scene. You can enjoy a beautiful view of Národní ulice and, as a reward for studying hard, later on attend a play with a huge student discount using your ISIC card. A study-café Cafedu is open non-stop. The coffee shop area is on the ground floor while the study on the first. With all those nerds studying around you finding motivation comes easily. A reading room-café Unijazz in Jindřišská pasáž looks almost like a dissident flat. If you want to procrastinate little bit or just take a rightful break from studying, this place is always full of students from the Faculty of Arts eager to debate with you. Interesting films are also projected here.

If you prefer exotic smells, an unusual environment and enjoy being surrounded by a bunch of pillows with a cup of quality tea in your hand, you should try teahouses. One such example is a teahouse Na Cestě near the I. P. Pavlova underground station, open until midnight.

If you can’t live without chocolate and you aren’t currently on a diet for the summer swimwear season, try a coffee shop and family chocolate factory U Červené židle. Chocolate mitigates anxiety and improves the overall psychological well-being as well as your attention and brain activity. And it’s delicious!

Go, libraries!

Every university consists of several faculties. Every faculty has a library and almost every library has a study which means that there’re many places for you to study. If you choose your own faculty, you can meet your classmates and study together but there’s a risk of chatting with them and learning nothing in the end. And other visitors will always try to silence you.

Still, libraries have a huge advantage over coffee shops—you won’t spend a cent. Most librarians are allergic to coffee, even non-caffeine brands, because coffee stains on books are an irreversible catastrophe. So think twice before entering a library with a coffee mug. A paradise for bookworms and students of all study fields is the National Library of Technology in Dejvice. It’s open almost non-stop on weekdays, more information available here.

One ideal study place doesn’t exist

One ideal study place doesn’t exist as we’re all different. Some people leave for the rustic countryside to visit their grandmother and her excellent cooking to boost their motivation for studying. One person is extroverted and loves hustle and bustle while the other requires absolute silence and is disturbed by a ringing phone or even papers rustling.

In case of libraries, with a hundred people studying in one room, we can almost talk about ‘non-verbal motivation’—you are much more inclined to study than being at home alone. So…if you’re sitting at home right now, considering another episode of your favourite TV show to watch before studying, try to go out and change your environment. It might help.

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