Student Ambassadors: Shangzhou from China

19. 12. 2019 | Student Ambassadors

Shangzhou - Student Ambassador CTU

Why did you choose Czech Republic?

Czech Republic has the most cost-effective Education System among other EU countries in my opinion, with the high quality and reasonable price for tuition and living. In addition, the peaceful social environment and nice living conditions also made me decide to come to the Czech Republic.

Could you explain what is it like to study at Czech Technical University?

Like sailing against the current, like flying against the wind.

How expensive was it for you to study there?

It wasn’t expensive for me that I don’t have to find a part time job to support myself, the total basic cost for me was around 200 000 CZK per year including everything.

What was the student life like when you were not studying?

Almost same like in my home country. Although we have more freedom here, but the entertainment, or the form of pleasure was too poor and expansive. Additionally, I am a indoorsy person so that I don’t feel that much difference.

How do you think your time in the Czech Republic has helped your studies and/or your career?

The high-quality education system not only gave me a degree and improved my English skill, but also fostered me become a multi-angle thinking & reasoning person. The life in Prague trained me self-care ability a lot.

Do you have any advice for other international students?

The Czech Technical University is not going to provide you a simple and easy international student life, but always teach you the importance of studying. Summed up in two words, wait and hope.

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