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4. 11. 2019 | Fields of Study

bigDemographics is the study of a population based on factors such as age, race, gender, employment, education, income, marriage rates, birth and death rates and more. Governments, corporations, and nongovernment organizations use demographics to learn more about a population’s characteristics for several purposes, including policy development and economic market research.

Students of demographics will not only gain knowledge in various fields od demography (e.g. social, geographic, economic) but also learn to collect demographic data, conduct surveys, build a profile of a certain segment of a population, create statistics and draw strategic conclusions from the data gathered.

Where to study demography in the Czech Republic

Charles University

The Faculty of Science Department of Demography and Geodemography at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, offers an accredited study program in Demography for all stages of the University education.

The Bachelor’s program focuses on the study of demography in a combination with social geography, sociology, or economics. The Master’s program further explores various demography topics while being open to students from other University branches. This approach promotes diversity and fosters different ideas and approaches to solving problems. Doctoral students apply what they learned in previous years in their own research projects and learn how to utilize resources available for completing a successful dissertation.

The Department conducts the largest volume of demographic research in the Czech Republic. Members of the Department pursue scientific work and research on an international level and attend scientific conferences and symposia on a regular basis. The department is a top-level workplace in the Czech Republic in terms of the international collaborative network of Europe’s leading demographic research centers.

Find out more information about the department at the official website.

University of Economics, Prague

University of Economics in Prague offers courses on demography within its Department of Statistics and Probability and Department of Demography.

The Bachelor’s program in Socio-economic Demography is a conjoint field of Department of Statistics and Probability and Department of Demography. Students of the field can gain a deeper knowledge on the issue of reproduction of human resources and human capital. The study program includes the necessary economic education, sufficiently broad knowledge of demography, social and economic policy.

The Master´s degree program in Economic Demography is a conjoint field of Department of Statistics and Probability and Department of Demography and is intended for successful bachelors. The content industry is advanced demographic and statistical methods and models and their use in evaluating data on population and economic situation and to resolve practical issues at various levels of management of the economy and society, and at regional, national and international. In this program, attention will be paid to human capital and its measurement and related issues of the economy, education and health care.

You can find more information about the programs in demography offered at the University of Economics in Prague here.


Graduates of demography studies can work in the scientific and research centers focused on the economy and social sphere, in governmental institutions (municipalities, ministries, national statistical service), and various firms in natural sciences or health industries. Students can also engage in careers related to marketing, HR, education, advertising, banking and insurance.





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