Studying in the Czech Republic: Dentistry

26. 2. 2020 | Fields of Study

Dentistry student in the Czech RepublicThe medical profession is one of society’s most valuable assets, so it comes as no surprise that medical degrees are long, all-consuming and certainly one of the most challenging career paths possible. However, the hard work pays off when you are making an impact on the world.

Every year, dentists help millions of people keep smiling. As a dentistry student, you’ll learn how to diagnose, maintain, and improve people’s oral health. You’ll also explore cosmetic dentistry, helping people feel more confident and attractive through aesthetic surgery of their mouth, gums, and teeth. You’ll learn and apply a combination of medicine, science, people skills, and many other disciplines, before you’re a qualified dentist – an achievement that normally takes five years or more.

Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry at Masaryk University

The Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University offers a 5-year Master’s degree program in Dentistry. The aim of the Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry is to prepare students for the independent practice of a dental practitioner so that they are able to perform it at a high professional level according to the current state of knowledge and in accordance with legal regulations and deontological rules. It is implemented within a credit system of study that is fully compatible with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) creating thus conditions for students for completing part of their studies at European partner universities. The study is divided into 10 semesters and is based on gradual passage of the student through theoretical, preclinical and later clinical subjects.

The curriculum is conceived on the principle of logical continuity of subjects/disciplines where the enrollment into the individual subjects is adjusted by a system of prerequisites (i.e. pre-existing knowledge acquired by studying the preceding subjects as a necessary basis for follow-up subjects) for maximum efficiency. The study includes four continuous practices in the laboratory/practice of the dentist.

Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry at Charles University’s First Faculty of Medicine

After completion of the 5-year study of Dentistry, the graduates will be prepared practically and theoretically for independent work in the field of Dentistry as well as for the commencement of training for the obtaining certification in particular specializations in Dentistry and/or in Orthodontics. The graduates will be prepared for activities at the Faculty dental clinics, possibly in the framework of post-graduate studies.

Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry at Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

The graduate of the Dentistry Master’s study programme disposes of comprehensive knowledge in all fields of general medicine connected to the orofacial system in cause, manifestation and therapy. The graduate displays profound knowledge in the fields of clinical dental practice including preservation dentistry, children’ s dental care, oral surgery, prosthetic surgery, periodontics and diseases and conditions affecting the oral mucosa. The graduate is equipped with adequate knowledge in follow- up study fields and dental specialties enabling them to perform all required activities and interventions within prevention and diagnostics thus creating conditions for possible further specialized studies. The program lasts 5 years.

Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry at Charles University’s Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

The graduating dentist reveals broad academic dental education and has to be able to realize proper clinical dental practice. He/she is sufficiently trained in the clinical practice and has relevant manual skills. He/she is able to work together with other dental and health care professionals in the health care system. He/she has to be able to communicate adequately. He/she is prepared for adequate continual self-education and professional development. He/she is able to practice evidence-based dentistry using extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry at Palacký University Olomouc

Palacký University Olomouc offers a 5-year study program in Dentistry. The teaching method is traditional and most medical schools in Central Europe are conducted the same way. This study programme is using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), thus allowing the students to spend part of their studies abroad at our partner universities in Europe.

The study of Dentistry is divided into three basic parts: theoretical subjects (anatomy, physiology, histology and embryology, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics), preclinical and clinical subjects (microbiology, pharmacology, pathological physiology, surgery, internal medicine, neurology). Main emphasis is placed on special subjects such as preventive dentistry and cariology, preclinical dentistry, prosthetic technology, dental radiology, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, preservative dentistry or oral surgery. A crucial part of the study is devoted to practical trainings. The study plan also includes courses of management, ethics, legislation and social aspects of dentistry. The Dentistry study program is concluded with final state examinations in preservative dentistry, orthodontics and prosthetics, and oral surgery.