Writing your thesis in summer summarised into nine emotions

11. 9. 2020 | Student Life

Writing your thesis in summer summarised into nine emotionsHaving your finals in September sounds like an ideal solution. Finish all your exams in June and it leaves you with two months to write your thesis in peace. Sadly, peace and thesis are mutually exclusive. Writing a thesis is hellish in any time of the year and in summer especially because of hellishly high temperatures. And what’s more—all those obligations you’d successfully finished in June ironically become counterproductive. Let’s see why…

1. You have so much time for writing. So much that it becomes hard to decide when to actually start.


2. Really REALLY hard.


3. When you finally start, Facebook pops up thousands of notifications showing photos of your relatives and friends who (unlike you) aren’t writing a thesis.


4. What’s even worse! They’ve already finished their thesis!!!


5. So they’re all having a good time. Without you.


6. Not only you’re writing a thesis—you have no friends!


7. At this point, a very simple composition of a dewy glass of beer from your primary school friend Mirek makes you furious. Here’s one for you as well to enjoy.


8. Sure, you can have beer at home as well; however, because you started writing much later than you’d expected, you actually can’t.


9. So you come to terms with your cruel fate.


10. And you just write that damn thing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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