How to learn

5 Tips to Improve Your Memory

Even though we are surrounded by technology and we can always look up any piece of information we can think of, we still need to remember things. The ability to remember proves to be crucial, especially for students. Students have to remember dozens and dozens of facts. Only by having a deep knowledge of a …

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Study skills 11# Tests without stress

So you think that you work best under pressure? That feeling overwhelmed during an exam period is as unavoidable as taxes and death? Well, think again. An exam period doesn’t have to be a hellish rollercoaster of sleepless nights and anxiety caused by caffeine overdose. There’s a way how to survive relatively intact if you’re …

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Study skills 10# Studying from textbooks

Textbooks are intimidating things, we get that. There’s almost no one who finds these cumbersome books appealing, yet you have hold onto them. Even with most information being online these days, you can’t avoid conventional textbooks because they provide a compact guideline of the knowledge that is expected of you to learn in order to …

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