Study skills

Study Skills 3# Time-management for students

If you feel that you don’t have time to accomplish your tasks even though you don’t procrastinate that much, it’s highly probable that your current time-management isn’t effective. Panicking during exam periods doesn’t have to be part of your student life and forget the lie that you work best under pressure. You don’t. How to …

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Study Skills 2# Ideal study space

Whether we like it or not, the environment influences us more that we are willing to admit. Even though we all know that noisy places aren’t good for studying, some other places we might find quite okay are actually not good as well. So… where (not) to study? Dormitory/flat-sharing If you’re sharing your dormitory with …

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Study skills 1# Can anyone learn how to study effectively?

Long story short—yes! Study skills, as the term hints, are skills which means that it’s something that can certainly be learnt. As for a definition: Study skills are powerful and practical methods how to make studying more effective. The goal isn’t to study harder but to study smarter. Study skills include various methods like specific …

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