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4. 12. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

Faculty of Economics and Management CZUIf you wish to study economy, management, informatics or regional development, the Faculty of Economics and Management that belongs to the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is offering some really affordable programmes that might interest you. It’s also interesting to pinpoint that this school has been rated as the most sustainable university in the Czech Republic and is located in a modern “green” campus.

Business Administration

is a 3-year long bachelor programme for those pursuing a career in entrepreneurial sectors. If you want to get in, you need to pass a personal interview from mathematics and English. You’ll get very practical knowledge of commercial and entrepreneurial processes in both local and EU contexts. The tuition is 32 000 CZK per academic year.

It’s possible to continue with a follow-up study programme with the same name and for that you need to pass an interview from economics, management and fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The tuition is higher, though, 108 000 CZK per academic year but it’s still quite cheap when compared to Western universities. Graduates seize positions in the middle and top-level management or can establish their own company because they get comprehensive knowledge of modern business.

Economics and Management

is a 3-year long bachelor programme that costs only 20 000 CZK per academic year and you also need to pass a test from mathematics and English. This programme is designed to be interdisciplinary, teaching you basics of economy, management, quantitate methods, ICT and social sciences.

Even this programme offers a follow-up master of the same name but this time costing only 32 000 CZK per academic year which is a real bargain. Graduates have the knowledge of applied economics, processes of globalisation, integration and regionalisation, socio-cultural interconnections, methods of sustainable economic development and can solve various administrative problems.


is another 3-year long bachelor programme, costing 20 000 CZK per academic year. This study field is intended for those who wish to become experts in information and communication technologies while learning also the basics of economy, management, commerce and law. Everything is being taught connected to the exploitation of information and communication technologies, of course, and employing these skills in market research and software marketing.

Naturally, you can continue to get your master degree in the same field. Such a graduate can then become the head of informatics department in a company, a manager or a consultant of information systems, a supplier of the newest ICT applications, a software development specialist, system analyst, a project specialist or a designer of web infrastructures. And the tuition is just 25 000 CZK!

European Agrarian Diplomacy

is a 2-year long master programme with quite a peculiar focus so you can count on becoming one of a few experts in the field of the EU agricultural policy. If you want to get in, you’ll have to pass a written test from economics, management and social sciences. Graduates seize jobs in administrative, diplomatic and managerial positions in the agricultural sector. The tuition is 25 000 CZK.

You’ll obtain knowledge of diplomacy, negotiations and the preparation of relevant documents while learning more about European integration processes, agricultural and regional policies as well as global economy and trade. You’ll study subjects such as Agrobusiness economics, International economics, Agricultural policy, Sustainable management, Marketing, Human resources, Business management, Essentials of diplomacy, Rural development, Legal regulation of integration, Foreign policy and international relationships, Econometric modelling and more.

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