Study Biology and Agriculture in the Czech Republic

23. 9. 2023 | Fields of Study

Study Biology and Agriculture in the Czech RepublicBiology is a very interesting and constantly developing area of study. It helps people understand life processes and create new inventions. There is a lot of space for research and further growth. Nowadays medical research and environmental issues are big topics and play a crucial role in our society. There are many great options to study biology, agriculture, and related fields in the Czech Republic. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Kladno, Czech Technical University in Prague

This school is a great choice. It provides their students with a solid background in doing research and both theoretical and practical skills. It’s a great option for students interested in medicine. At this school, you can study Biomedical and Clinical Engineering, Biomedical Technology, or Systematic Integration of Processes in Healthcare. Nowadays there is a high demand for experts in healthcare related technology, which won’t stop any time soon.

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

When it comes to studying biology, we mustn’t forget the University of Chemistry and Technology. There are many great options for candidates interested in areas between biology and chemistry. This university is really worth looking into. It is well known for preparing the students for a successful career in research or any other paths they take. You can study Biotechnology and Food Science at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology or, for example, Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering. For those interested in environmental studies, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Environmental Technology might be a perfect place.

Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters, University of South Bohemia

For those interested in fishing, it’s possible to study at the Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters at University of South Bohemia. This faculty is in Vodňany. It’s a unique school offering programs like Fishery or Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems. The south of the Czech Republic is an area with many ponds that had been constructed there in the past. Fishing has a big tradition in South Bohemia.

Faculty of Agriculture and Technology, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

At University of South Bohemia you can also study Multifunctional Agriculture at the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology. This faculty is an important research center. The students gain a lot of practical skills.

Czech University of Life Sciences

The Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague is a perfect choice too. The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences is focused on areas of study like agriculture in tropics and subtropics or development in rural areas. This school has a great reputation and the students get a lot of practice in laboratories and other facilities.


There are many options to study biology and agriculture. There are a lot of areas of study and all of them are promising. To learn more about the options of studying biology in the Czech Republic, click here. If you are more into studying agriculture, click here for more information. Good luck choosing the best school for you!

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