University of South Bohemia supports an ecological charity

The academic library belonging to the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice invites everyone to donate their old mobile phone to charity. Even during the current lockdown, you can bring old phones you no longer use and toss them into a special box in front of the library. The charity project called Remobil aims …

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Studying in the Czech Republic: Ecology

Ecology is an integrated discipline that studies relationships among individuals, populations and communities and it is independent on systematic classification of study subjects. By carefully using the principles of ecology, we can learn to predict, extinguish, counteract and prevent potentially adverse effect we might have on the globe around us. Come study ecology at one …

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Masaryk University to place greater emphasis on environmental protection

Masaryk University is already applying a responsible approach to the environment and society in its everyday operations and is likely to become even greener in the upcoming years. Recently, the university students and staff who signed the “Universities for the Climate” petition have met with the leaders of Masaryk University to discuss and help draft …

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