University of South Bohemia supports an ecological charity

26. 3. 2021 | News

ecological charityThe academic library belonging to the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice invites everyone to donate their old mobile phone to charity. Even during the current lockdown, you can bring old phones you no longer use and toss them into a special box in front of the library.

The charity project called Remobil aims to change the fact that old mobile phones are accumulating in people’s households, forgot in drawers. This might not only pose an ecological problem in future (batteries!) but it’s also a pity since a lot of these phones still work.

When Remobil collects your phone, two things can happen. If it doesn’t function anymore, it’ll be professionally recycled for spare parts. If it still works, it can help someone else in need. Moreover, the project contributes 10 CZK to charity with each mobile phone collected.

You can have your old phone recycled, clear your junk drawer and at the same time help other people. The University of South Bohemia is doing a very good job supporting this project.

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