Study Psychology and Social Sciences in the Czech Republic

22. 10. 2023 | Fields of Study

Study Psychology and Social Sciences in the Czech RepublicWith increasing awareness of mental health issues, there is a growing demand for experts in the psychology field. Modern life can sometimes be stressful. On the one hand, computers and modern technologies enable people to work more efficiently, but on the other hand, they also pose a challenge for many individuals due to everything getting faster and faster. There is a pressing need to study the human mind and the way it works. This is why psychology and other social sciences have great potential in the modern world. Let’s have a look at some options to study psychology and social sciences in Czechia.

Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Education goes hand in hand with psychology. There are a lot of issues going on with pupils, namely different classroom models, learning disabilities, and tactics on how to handle the whole learning process. That is one of the reasons why studying Educational Psychology at the Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia is an excellent choice. The University of South Bohemia is an important research center. The high-quality and practical type of education helps the students to be prepared for their future careers and become an invaluable source of advice and support for those in need.

University of New York in Prague

You can study Psychology at the University of New York in Prague. At this school, you can also study Business Administration – Concentration in Human Resources. Human Resources is a very interesting field when it comes to working with people. Good HR managers need a deep understanding of communication with various types of people and their different mindsets. HR managers have to assess the abilities of multiple candidates for a specific job position. If you are interested in psychology, this field might be something to look into.

Anglo-American University

The Anglo-American University in Prague is a private school with a lot to offer. Thanks to the individual approach and focus on gaining practical skills, the university helps students to be flexible and meet the needs of the job market. At this school, you can study Humanities, Society and Culture: Sociology, Psychology and Leadership. The school also invests in its development, which is highly beneficial to the students.

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague

The Faculty of Humanities is the youngest faculty of Charles University. This school is great for those who are interested in humanities. At this faculty, you can choose from many interesting fields of study, such as Applied Ethics, General Anthropology, or Liberal Arts and Humanities. The students have an academic background in social sciences and learn to approach problems critically, which is so important these days.


For those who like working with people and helping them to improve their lives, studying psychology and related fields can be rewarding. There is also a possibility of doing research. Studying psychology can be an exciting journey. To learn more about studying psychology and social sciences in the Czech Republic, click here.

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