Study Art and Design in the Czech Republic

12. 10. 2023 | Fields of Study

Study Art and Design in the Czech RepublicWe live in a visual world. Every single day, we are surrounded by art. There is a high demand for beautiful and functional design, which won’t stop any time soon. By studying art and design, you have many options. Companies will always need eye-catching products, visually appealing and user-friendly websites, and stunning brand identities. The Czech Republic is a very inspiring place to study art and design. Czechia has a lot to offer. You can find galleries and cultural events to go to, architecture to admire, and coffee shops to meet new people. There is also beautiful nature for those who find inspiration in a peaceful and quiet environment. The Czech Republic simply caters to all artistic tastes. Here are some schools where you can study art and design in Czechia.

Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

At this school, you can study Fine Arts, Design and Applied Arts, or Audiovisual Art. The faculty was named after Ladislav Sutnar, who was a designer and visionary. The school organizes great events, which are so important when studying art. The school runs Ladislav Sutnar Gallery. It also organizes the International Summer School of Art.

Art & Design Institut in Prague

The Art & Design Institut in Prague is a private college. At this school, you can study Graphic Design and other interesting artistic disciplines. The individual approach to the students makes this school a perfect choice. The Art & Design Institut also offers the possibility to study the History of Art. There are a lot of art galleries in Prague you can visit and get inspiration from.

Prague City University

The Prague City University follows the British model of education. There are students from all over the world. You can study Creative Media Production, Fine Art Experimental Media, or Graphic Design there. You can meet students studying different programs, which can be a real enrichment for everybody.

Anglo-American University

Why not study Visual Art Studies at the Anglo-American University in Prague? At this private school, an individual approach to students is the key to success. The school is situated in the Thurn-Taxis Palace in the Lesser Town of Prague, which is a very interesting historical place to study. Another plus for visually oriented students who like to be surrounded by sites with a unique atmosphere.

Prague School of Creative Communication

As the name suggests, the Prague School of Creative Communication has all the means to spark creativity in the students. At this school, you can study Animation and Visual Effects. That doesn’t only sound great, but it is a perfect investment for the future. The students will be well prepared to work on their projects.

Having an artistic background can open many new doors to you. You will have a lot to offer when stepping into the job market. To learn more about studying art and design in the Czech Republic, click here. Happy creating!

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