Czech Christmas Markets

7. 12. 2023 | Discover Czechia

Czech Christmas MarketsWhen the time before Christmas comes, you can go to the Christmas markets. It’s a very nice tradition. Each year people look forward to exploring the colorful offers of the local vendors, having a cup of hot wine, and experiencing the amazing Christmas atmosphere. Christmas markets are a magical place to be.

If you go there in the evening, everything is lit by small lights, which adds an extra touch of coziness. You can walk around, listen to Christmas carols, and smell the fragrance of spices, candles, and sugar-coated almonds. There’s plenty to discover!

Hot wine

Hot wine (also known as mulled wine) and Christmas markets go together like peas and carrots. This delicious hot beverage is made by heating wine and adding spices like cinnamon, star anise, and clove. The wine is typically red. If you go to Christmas markets, you can sip your wine and enjoy the atmosphere. It keeps you warm during the cold winter days and makes you feel on top of the world.

What to buy

Christmas markets are a great opportunity to buy gifts for your family and friends. There are many things to choose from, such as scarves, mittens, Christmas decorations, mugs, bookmarks, or candles.  The list goes on and on. You can also buy a nice treat. A gingerbread heart might be the perfect gift for someone you love. Gingerbread hearts come in many sizes and they are decorated with ornaments and messages. They look pretty and taste great.

Christmas markets are a great occasion for artisans. They can present their work in a place that is densely packed by people seeking Christmas gifts. Since there are a lot of people who do arts and crafts, there is a large display of unique products to warm one’s heart. You can see many things made of various materials, such as glass, wood, ceramics, or metal. A lot of people like decorating their Christmas trees with decorations made of straw. You can find those over here too. To put it in a nutshell, when you go to a Christmas market, a lot of window shopping is waiting for you.

Where to go

Christmas markets can be found all around the country. You can usually find them in the main town squares. Some Christmas markets even have the Nativity Scene with live animals, like sheep and little goats. If you study in Prague, probably the most popular and famous Christmas market is the one at the Old Town Square. There is a tall Christmas tree people like to look at and admire. There is also a famous market at Wenceslas Square. These two markets are probably the most touristy too. There are a lot of people, but it’s a part of the time before Christmas. If you are in Prague and you want to enjoy the Christmas market atmosphere which is not so touristy, there is a nice Christmas market at Náměstí Míru. It’s just by the metro station.

Christmas markets are something worth experiencing. They are an important part of Czech culture. When you come to the Czech Republic, you will surely enjoy them.





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