Dissertation Printing and Binding: A Complete Guide

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A Complete Guide to Dissertation Printing and Binding

You’ve spent endless nights researching and writing whilst consuming way too much caffeine. Finally, you’re proud to say that your dissertation is finished. You’ve edited, proofread, and double checked your referencing. The only thing left to do is to find a high-quality dissertation printing and binding provider before the deadline. Unfortunately, this is also no easy feat. You need to consider:

  • The type of binding
  • What your printing configurations will look like
  • Whether to go with an online or in-store dissertation printing provider

But don’t fret! We’ll provide you with everything you need to know in this complete guide to dissertation printing and binding!

The Dissertation Printing and Binding Process

If you’ve just written your bachelor’s thesis, then the whole professional dissertation printing and binding process may be completely new to you. Smaller essays and research papers are generally digitally submitted, so you have probably never required professional printing services before. Choosing the ideal dissertation printing and binding configurations can be tricky, as there’s a few ground rules to follow. We’ll start by breaking down the printing configurations for you.

The Dissertation Printing Configurations

The dissertation printing configurations include:

  • Black and white vs colour printing
  • The type of paper
  • Your layout

Your Options


Colour vs black and white: Colour printing will increase the final price of your dissertation printing and binding package, but it may be required as per the dissertation printing and binding guidelines of your university if you’re studying a creative degree program.

Coloured dissertation printing will definitely result in an aesthetic paper. But remember that too much colour can be unprofessional.

Paper:  80g/m2 paper is the default for most copy shops. This type of paper isn’t too bad, albeit a tad thin. If you need double-sided printing, it’s possible that the ink may shine through to the other side of the paper.

If you need double-sided printing, or you have a lot of graphics with intense colours, you should consider using 100g/m2 paper instead. A dissertation is a huge milestone, so every detail should be perfect! Consider searching for a print shop that uses 100g/m2 paper by default

Layout:  Your layout will affect the page count of your thesis, which in turn affects the type of binding you’re able to have and the ending price.

Thoroughly double check your layout before heading to the print shop. If you’ve opted for an online print shop, they should have some sort of function where you’re able to double-check your layout and formatting before placing your order.

To do justice to your student budget, search for print shops that offer 100g/m2 paper, as well as colour printing by default. If opting for an online print shop, free delivery is always a bonus, and you should watch out for extra unexpected charges.

The Different Dissertation Binding Types

Once you’ve decided on your dissertation printing configurations, the next step is choosing the best binding. This will depend on what exactly it is you’re submitting. Your bachelor’s thesis deserves a more elegant binding than an essay you’ve spent a few weeks writing. Plus, a major thesis contributes towards a larger portion of your final grade, so you’ll want to impress your professor with a classy dissertation binding.

Don’t undermine your hard work! Completing your dissertation is a huge milestone, so the chosen binding should reflect this.

Remember: what is suitable for thesis printing and binding in one study program may not be suitable for another. Your friend studying an arts degree may have a colourful thesis with a self-designed softcover binding. The dissertation printing and binding for your biology degree will look very different.

In the end, your chosen dissertation binding will depend on what you’re submitting and how much it contributes to your final grade.


Many educational institutions have their own dissertation printing and binding requirements. Double check with your institution to see how much autonomy you have regarding your dissertation’s design.

An Introduction to the Dissertation Binding Types

You have many different dissertation binding types to choose from, but don’t be intimidated by all the choices! We’ll go through the details of each one, so you can make a well-informed decision about your dissertation binding.

The Classy Leather Book Binding

The elegant leather book binding is exactly what you need for important papers like a bachelor’s thesis or a master’s thesis. This professional binding is guaranteed to leave a great first impression on your professors. Plus, you have many extras to choose from. Bookmarks, fold out pages, corner protectors and customized embossing are just a few of the options that will give your thesis a makeover.

Recommendations: Leather book binding is a fantastic option for almost all types of papers.

  • Bachelor‘s thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Master’s thesis
  • Larger research paper

The Classic Thermal Binding

The classic thermal binding is incredibly versatile. It’s a great option for smaller research papers, or for extra copies of your thesis. The front cover is transparent, meaning that readers are immediately able to see your title page. The back cover is available in several colours of a faux leather material. The thermal binding will allow you to keep your dissertation classy, even whilst on a budget.

Recommendation: The thermal binding is exactly what you need for putting copies of your thesis or research paper into storage

The Personally Designed Softcover

You’re able to design the artsy softcover however you feel is suitable for your dissertation. Include logos, pictures, symbols, and different fonts – there are no limits. As long as your dissertation binding fulfils the requirements of your educational institution and degree program, you’re good to go.

Recommendation: The softcover is a great addition to your paper, particularly if you’re studying an arts degree. It just cannot hold as many pages as the other bindings, so it may not be suitable for a larger thesis.

Spiral Binding on a Budget

With the spiral binding, you get the best of both worlds. It won’t be too harsh on your student budget and you’ll still receive high-quality dissertation printing and binding. It’s similar to the thermal binding, as your front cover will be on display and you’re able to choose between several colours for the leather-like back cover. The difference is that the pages are bound together with metal or plastic spirals, instead of glue.

Recommendation: For papers that hold less weight, the spiral binding is what you need. Due to its simple nature, this cost-effective binding is unfortunately not suitable for larger papers like theses or lengthy research papers.

An Overview of the Dissertation Binding Types

Here, the information above has been compiled into one, all-inclusive table. Use this as a guideline whilst preparing your dissertation printing and binding! Don’t forget to check if there’s any specific dissertation printing and binding requirements from your university!



Research paper

Bachelor’s thesis

Master’s thesis

Term paper


Leather book binding








If your aim is for your work to stand out from the rest, then the elegant leather book binding is exactly what you need. It’s suitable for all lengthy, milestone papers such as theses and major research papers. It’s generally not used for smaller papers.

Thermal binding








This versatile dissertation binding won’t fail you. The transparent cover allows your title page to take the spotlight and you are able to choose between several colours for the back cover.









Design the flexible softcover exactly how you’ve envisioned it. This dissertation binding is a great option for creative study programs, but it isn’t suitable for papers with a higher page count.

Spiral binding








Lastly, the cost-effective spiral binding. It’s exactly what you need for shorter term papers and essays. However, due to its simplicity, it is unable to do your major thesis or large research paper justice.


Finding a Dissertation Printing and Binding Provider

You’ve decided on your dissertation printing configurations and you think you know which binding will be perfect, but your work is not done yet. You need to find a dissertation printing service that will supply you with high-quality printing and binding. The first step is to decide whether you’d prefer to have your thesis delivered to your door by an online printing service, or whether you’d prefer to personally go into a print shop.

One advantage to an online print shop is that you can order your thesis from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you within a few days. Regardless of which print shop you choose, take a look at some reviews to ensure that you’re going to get your money’s worth.

We did a bit of research ourselves and one print shop in particular caught our eye.

bachelorprint online printing and binding services

BachelorPrint is your go-to when it comes to dissertation printing and binding. This market-leading online print shop has an abundance of dissertation binding options for you to choose from along with various add-on opportunities. With free express shipping, your finished paper will be in your hands before you know it.

The benefits:

  • Every order comes with free express shipping
  • 3D preview to check your layout and formatting before ordering
  • High-quality dissertation printing and binding for the student budget

Summary: High-Quality Dissertation Printing and Binding

Researching and writing your thesis may have been a daunting task, but who says the dissertation printing and binding process has to be? Read this dissertation printing and binding guide carefully and you’ll have a flawless piece of academic work to hand to your professors.

Of course, the decision is yours, but if you’re on a tight deadline, we recommend an online print shop like BachelorPrint. With free express shipping, you’re guaranteed to meet those deadlines. The online shop is incredibly user-friendly and with a 3D preview as well as a look inside function, arranging your formatting will be a breeze. These are just a few of the benefits that come with the dissertation printing and binding leader!

We wish you all the best with your dissertation printing and binding!

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