Economics and Management from bachelor to PhD

4. 7. 2022 | Study in the Czech Republic

Economics and ManagementAre you interested in economics and management? Is your aspiration to achieve the highest degree possible in this field? Do you prefer staying at one university and falling in love with the city? Is Czechia your dream study destination? Then consider applying to Mendel University in Brno!

MENDELU’s Faculty of Business and Economics currently offers an attractive study programme Economics and Management and you can literally get your full degree here. A bachelor’s degree takes 3 years, a follow-up master programme 2 years and the final PhD degree 4 years.

In your bachelor, you can specialise in Management and Marketing and even if you decide not to continue afterwards, you can still land a job as a middle level manager, a process consultant, business analyst or a business process designer. You’ll study subjects such as micro and macroeconomy, data processing, statistics, financial markets, European integration, marketing and law.

You get two options of specialisation if you continue to the master’s: Human Resources and International Leadership or Management. You can then aim at job positions such as a controlling manager, project manager, prognostic, financial auditor, marketing director and even a statistics expert.

Naturally, a PhD programme is mostly about research, writing your doctoral thesis and attending various conferences. This comes with a monthly scholarship, an internship abroad and teaching at the faculty. If you wish to become a real expert in the field, this is definitely the way to go.

MENDELU also offers various exchange programmes so should you want to spend a semester abroad, there’re opportunities. While smaller than Prague, Brno is a student city bustling with life and very near Vienna as well as our capital so you can go on a trip over the weekend.

The Buddy System guarantees that you won’t be left wondering what to do as older students will gladly help you with the accommodation and all the necessary documents. Counselling Centre offers professional advisory service and career coaching. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!


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