Erasmus at the College of International and Public Relations Prague

29. 11. 2021 | Study in the Czech Republic

College of International and Public Relations PragueWhile some people return back to their homeland after studying abroad for a few years, others might choose to stay in the country that provided them with education because they fell in love with the culture. And then there’s the third group—people who thrive in the international environment. If you’re one of them, explore the College of International and Public Relations Prague.

This school is one of the oldest private colleges established in the Czech Republic and provides high-quality education in the fields of International and Diplomatic Studies (both bachelor and follow-up master programmes), International Management and Marketing (bachelor) and International Relations and Diplomacy (bachelor).

While their study programmes are primarily taught in Czech language, the college is part of Erasmus so you can come and spend 3-12 months here. It’s an excellent place to obtain your foreign experience and get to know Czech people as well as other international students.

You can study both full-time or part-time but you need to be enrolled in the second or the third year of bachelor’s study at your home university in order to apply. Alternatively, in the first or second year if you’re already doing your master’s. Bear in mind that this is no holiday and you’ll need to submit a list of study results and prepare your final report.

The College of International and Public Relations welcomes foreign students and even researchers and teachers. The school even offers funded positions to visiting professors and researchers should you be a PhD graduate/student already.

Don’t be shy and contract their International Welcome Office to get more information and support. They’ll help you with administrative procedures in the Czech Republic (like issuing a VISA, residence permits, health insurance) and give you tips on networking. They’ll even help you to find suitable Czech language classes!

If you decide to apply, you can look forward to school with a tradition of quality education as your lecturers will be experts in diplomacy, politics, media, tourism, aviation, management and marketing. There’s also a possibility to develop long-term cooperation around your research and even join the Diplomatic Club.

The curriculum includes study areas such as like diplomacy, state administration and self-government, management, marketing, policy, non-profit organisations, international relations, corporations, media and PR studies. Just contact their international office!