The Czech Technical University turned into a scientific manufactory

14. 4. 2020 | News

desinfection against coronavirus from CTULaboratories of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague were transformed into a scientific manufactory in March. Due to the general lack of disinfectants on the market, the Department of Nuclear Chemistry began producing its own disinfectants for the needs of the university and other institutions.

The faculty’s chemical laboratories are busy with production, as scientists and students produced approximately three thousand liters of the Anti-COVID – disinfectant for both hands and surfaces during the first few days of production. In the following week, production was increased up to the highest capacity of 200 liters.

“Production capacity is now roughly between 3500 and 3800 liters, depending on the availability of raw materials. As scientists, we are used to working on a much smaller scale. However, we are all pleased that disinfection will quickly get where it is needed – for example, to the Mountain Rescue Service,” says Václav Čuba, the vice-Dean for Development.

In addition to CTU, the Faculty provides the anti-COVID disinfection to a number of other institutions, such as the City District of Prague 6, the City District of Prague – Suchdol, the City District of Prague 7, the City District of Prague – Čakovice, the integrated rescue service of Prague and Prague public transportation company, Motol University Hospital, Liberec Rescue Service, National Technical Library, Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, social services in Prague and some others.

“We began production before school closed on March 11, 2020, and in the first two weeks we produced about 20,000 liters of disinfectant. We are promised supplies of raw materials for another approximately 70,000 liters,” adds Čuba.

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