Czech video inspires the world to wear face masks during the global pandemic

6. 4. 2020 | News

students wearing masks against coronavirusCzech-made video #Masks4All by Petr Ludwig and Aneta Kernová in English language has now been watched by millions of people worldwide and featured on CNN. The video encourages people across the world to wear face masks during the global pandemic to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

The 3.5-minute video encouraging other countries to wear face masks, like the Czech Republic has in efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus, has been getting airtime around the globe. Even a CNN report on the mandatory use of face masks in some areas of Europe included footage from the #Masks4All video.

Ludwig, the author of the worldwide bestseller The End of Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing and Live a Fulfilled Life, first urged his social media followers to wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, then came up with the concept of making an educational video to show the rest of the world how the Czech Republic was successfully curbing the spread of the virus.

Jeremy Howard of the Washington Post praised the wearing of masks in the Czech Republic, citing the country as an example of what can be accomplished in the Western world. He writes: “Social media influencers campaigning to encourage DIY mask creation catalyzed an extraordinary mobilization by nearly the whole population. Within three days, there were enough masks for everyone in the country, and most people were wearing them. This was an entirely grass-roots community effort.”

„The most important message shared in the Czech Republic has been this: “My mask protects you; your mask protects me.” Wearing a mask there is now considered a prosocial behavior. Going outside without one is frowned on as an antisocial action that puts your community at risk. In fact, the community reaction has been so strong that the government has responded by making it illegal to go out in public without a mask,” Howard adds.

The Czech government made it mandatory for everyone to wear face/surgical masks (or at least scarves or bandannas) fully covering the nose and mouth when going out in public since March 19th.

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