How to study at home effectively

18. 3. 2020 | Student Life

Study at home - Czech UniversitiesWith universities being shut down until further notice due to the coronavirus epidemic in the Czech Republic, thousands of college students will have to come up with a routine how to stay productive despite the cancellation of lectures. Here are a few tips on how to study at home effectively and not procrastinate too much.

1. Create a study space

One of the biggest challenges of studying from home is creating a space where you can focus on studying without interruptions and distractions. Make sure your study space is comfortable, quiet, and has good lighting. You’ll also want to prepare all of your necessary study supplies ahead to have them ready when needed.

2. Stick to a schedule

Set a time you wake up and set aside structured work time each day and make it a priority. If you don’t set a routine for yourself, you may find your day go by without you having accomplished anything. Plan time for not studying as well, but make sure you know when the time has come to turn Netflix off.

3. Get dressed

Wearing pajamas all day can be one of the best parts of being able to study off-campus. Yet it can also be tempting to have a lazy day. By getting up and getting ready for the day, you can help to set the tone for making it a productive day.

4. Take notes

Studying at home, you’ll probably be watching online lectures and doing mandatory readings on your computer. But don’t let that keep you away from taking notes. Remember, taking notes by hand often helps you remember the content better.

5. Organize a study group

You’re not alone studying at home. Get together with your classmates to discuss the study material, cooperate on projects and share notes. Maintaining your friendships is as important as remaining productive.

6. Make use of technology & online apps

From Google Docs to Forest to Duolingo, there are several apps that will help you set a routine, organize a to-do list and stay focused.

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