Financial management with a unique purchasing specialisation

16. 6. 2023 | Fields of Study

study Financial managementWe bet you know Škoda Auto because it’s a prominent Czech car manufacturer, but we also wrote an article informing all potential students that Škoda is running their own university that offers excellent study programmes in sales, logistics, financial management, business informatics, international marketing and even law in global business. Recently, they opened a brand new and very unique study specialisation. If you see yourself becoming an expert tradesperson, read on.

Financial Management programme

Financial Management is a 3-year long study programme in English that focuses on corporate finance, financial management and the relationship between manufacturing enterprises and the financial sector. You will study economics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, accounting, law, taxation, financial planning and operation management.

Uncommonly, you won’t be studying this programme in a big city. Škoda Auto University has a campus in Mladá Boleslav which is a beautiful town not far from Prague. If living in a bustling metropolis isn’t really your thing, you might be more than happy here. Why in Mladá Boleslav? Because it’s the home of Škoda Auto headquarters and factory!

A new specialisation in purchasing

The newly established specialisation Purchasing is part of Financial Management programme and will prepare graduates to apply for a job as a purchasing agent, a value stream specialist or a vendor management expert. Of course, you can still find a job as a financial management specialist, an audit specialist, a strategic planning expert and other related positions.

If you decide to go for this particular specialisation, you will be well prepared for the international purchasing environment and ready for important decision-making processes, dealing with purchasing issues and supporting B2B relations. You will also get a solid basis of process management, company logistics, international trade, operations research and financial analysis.

This programme craftily combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills through case studies, simulations and interactive games. Your lecturers are experts in the field and you will attend many workshops. There’s even a compulsory internship in Škoda Auto or other partner companies like the Volkswagen Group!

Answering the job market’s call for experts

Škoda Auto University decided to open this unique specialisation because they wanted to address the growing demand in the current job market that calls for skilled professionals in this field. Karsten Schnake, who is responsible for the Purchasing in Škoda Auto, explained their decision in the following statement:

“The global crises of recent years have shown us how crucial the role of a well-functioning supply chain can be. We need teams of highly motivated experts to successfully manage the unpredictable risks and challenges ahead. Being able to respond flexibly to emerging situations while co-creating a modern purchasing environment based on partnership and quality relationships with supply partners is crucial. Therefore, we prioritise educating and grooming young specialists who focus on purchasing and sustainable contributions to society during their university studies.”

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