Škoda Auto University

Traffic engineering becoming more important than ever

With the rise of international trade, traffic engineering and logistics are becoming more important than ever before. People aren’t so afraid to order from foreign e-shops these days and goods are flowing around the whole world. This is, of course, very demanding in terms of transportation logistics so companies are always looking for capable traffic …

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Is Skoda a car manufacturer or a university?

Long story short, it’s both! Škoda Auto is a well-known Czech car manufacturer AND a university founded in 2000 by the company. Even though only twenty-one years old, the school offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in both Czech and English and focuses on innovation. If you’re interested in a modern university of the 21st …

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Get a head start before the start – study at ŠKODA AUTO University

ŠKODA AUTO University has been a leader in education for the future for 20 years, contributes to the modernization of Czech higher education, and prepares students for the “Future 4.0”. Last year, it joined the ranks of higher education institutions combining an economic and technical focus thanks to the groundbreaking Industrial Management, and Business Administration …

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