Traffic engineering becoming more important than ever

16. 2. 2022 | Fields of Study

Traffic engineeringWith the rise of international trade, traffic engineering and logistics are becoming more important than ever before. People aren’t so afraid to order from foreign e-shops these days and goods are flowing around the whole world. This is, of course, very demanding in terms of transportation logistics so companies are always looking for capable traffic engineers.

Škoda Auto University is known for being a prominent vehicle manufacturer but they don’t offer only study programmes focused on making new cars. You can study various specializations that combine economics with informatics, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Logistics and Quality Management is a 3-year long Bachelor programme that will teach you the latest trends in the management of purchasing, production, logistics and quality with the focus on automotive industry. Škoda Auto is recognised to have some of the best European logistic methods so you can bet they’ll share this unique know-how with their students.

If you’re really serious about pursing this career, you can even acquire the Certificate of the European Logistics Association or the Professional Logistics Management Certificate that will give you some head start when looking for a job. The fifth semester includes a compulsory internship so you also get some real work experience. Graduates can find employment as purchasing specialists, logistic managers, transport or distribution specialists and project managers.

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice is a school that values applicability of knowledge over bookish theory. All study programmes include one semester of compulsory internship in order to gain so much needed experience and the school cooperates with local companies that provide that.

Technology and Transport Management is a 3-year long Bachelor programme within which you choose your specialisation but generally both will prepare you to land in job in transport, logistics, industrial enterprises and, alternatively, public administration.

You can choose your optional subjects in order to attain specialisations in two fields. Freight Transport is mainly focused on rail and road transport and consists of three consecutive subjects: freight technology, intermodal transport and forwarding. Passenger Transport address the transport of human passengers in rail, road, water and air transport. You also have to pass three consecutive subjects: technology of passenger transport, technology and traffic management and public transport and traffic management.

Logistics Technologies is a 2-year long follow-up Master programme. It puts emphasis on acknowledgment that logistics is closely connected with a private sector and local companies with foreign ones. Just to manufacture goods isn’t enough, you have to be able to transport your products to retailers and customers while being effective at it. Graduates find jobs in leading technical positions in logistics, distribution, warehousing, packaging, handling and transport.

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